10 Reasons to Build a Custom Exhibit

The bottom line is that a custom exhibit is a design-driven solution to your trade show marketing initiatives. If you want leads to qualify themselves as potential prospects before they ever approach your booth, then a well-designed exhibit that strengthens cohesive and clear messaging is the answer.
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There is no denying the presence a well-designed custom exhibit imposes in the exhibit hall

After all, it wouldn’t be popular if it did not perform.

But what makes a good custom exhibit so powerful at trade shows? And why is now the time to invest in a custom design?

There are at least ten reasons why you should think about building a custom exhibit for your next show. 

Why build a custom exhibit

Brings to life the ideal manifestation of your brand 

Trade shows are one of the few places–if not the only place–a prospect will experience all your branding components come together, such as staffing, images, messaging, physical structures, products and services.

Manifesting your brand at shows is particularly useful for non-retail companies with limited advertising and that primarily operate through field sales since your clients and prospects have minimal interaction with your brand. 

Creates a memorable experience for your client

Your brand is the physical and emotional manifestation of the personality and character of your business.

In other words, it communicates what you do, what your values are and why you exist.

Creating a memorable experience that has your brand at the center creates an emotional connection between your client and your business, deepening loyalty and associating positive emotions with your business.

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You gain greater control over presentation elements 

One of the most important reasons for attending trade shows is to put the product into the hands of the prospect. The tactile experience is one of the key ways people validate and vet products before buying.

Attending shows allows the products or services to sell themselves, and designing a custom exhibit gives you greater control over how your products and services are presented. 

Delivers the ideal environment for demonstrations 

When you exhibit at a trade show you have a live audience of buyers.

Bringing your brand’s natural environment with you can give you the confidence of a home-field advantage. Custom exhibits provide ample space for product demonstrations, demos and mock-ups.

Sets you apart from your competition 

There are a couple of common goals all exhibitors share: differentiate their business from their competitors and attract the right audience.

Accomplishing these two things at the same time is not an easy task.

However, with experienced designers who know your brand message, you can build an exhibit with precise messaging that will help leads qualify themselves, setting you apart as a leader in your industry. 

Maximizes face-to-face interaction

One exhibit design trend that has the ability to be incorporated within a custom build is conference rooms and lounges.

The exhibit hall is extensive and walking the floor can be tiring for attendees.

Offering a space that gives seclusion from the noise and foot traffic creates the ideal place to conduct business, even if you are occupying a high-traffic booth location. 

Helps Leads to Qualify Themselves

We call this selective attraction.

It’s a design-driven solution that attracts the kind of leads you’re targeting. Instead of drawing a crowd and then qualifying which leads are potential prospects and which ones are not, the leads qualify themselves by reading the brand messaging your exhibit presents.

If your messaging is not cohesive and clear and your design not specific to that message, don’t be surprised when visitors ask what you do and then leave because they thought it was something else. 

Allows you to leverage social media to your advantage

Because a custom is the ideal manifestation of your brand, it often functions in a similar fashion to a brand activation.

The design can encourage visitors to interact with your exhibit and post on social media. 

Boost booth staff morale

Selling is hard.

It requires putting pants on (most of the time). Going to the show with a great exhibit can be a great confidence boost to your employees, like sending in the heavy cavalry to aid them on their mission.

When you go custom, you’re not just investing in eye candy. You’re investing in people. 

Secures you a greater Return on Investment 

While there are a lot more factors that go into getting that high ROI you want at a trade show, the custom exhibit can give you a great boost in the right direction. You should look into trying to find the right things to do and or say. 

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Pro Tips: Preparing to go custom

preparing for a custom exhibit

If you’re planning to build a custom design to make a high impact at any event, contacting reputable exhibit houses should be a top priority. This ensures you get your materials on time and in one piece.

Labor shortages, material shortages and shipping delays are increasing exhibit construction time by up to 6 months and more. This is a trend that nearly every exhibit house is experiencing.  

Thankfully, almost everything The Trade Group builds happens in-house in our 185,000 SF facility in Grapevine, TX. We have significant control over the entirety of the exhibit design process from ideation to execution while, at the same time, allowing us to cut time and costs for our clients.

This is a great time to get started on design solutions for your booth space. 

Begin your custom journey today by contacting us here or giving The Trade Group a call at 972-734-8585.

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