Location Scouting for Events

10 Things to Consider When Location Scouting for Events

The details matter. You should consider the flow of the crowd, the proximity to key attractions or competitors, and even the lighting and acoustics of the area.

Location scouting for trade shows is an adventurous and strategic quest, almost like a treasure hunt for the perfect spot to showcase your brand’s brilliance.

Imagine being an explorer, navigating through vast halls and venues, each with a unique vibe and specific potential. The goal? Find that ideal location where your trade show booth can shine, attract maximum foot traffic, and promote your brand or product.  

It’s not just about picking a spot; it’s about envisioning how your booth will come alive in that space. You consider the flow of the crowd, the proximity to key attractions or competitors, and even the lighting and acoustics of the area. It combines art and science, where intuition meets meticulous planning.  

The perfect location is out there, waiting to be discovered, promising to turn your trade show experience from ordinary to extraordinary.  

Today, we will dive into the ten things you should look for when scouting a location for your next event. 


Accessibility should be a major focus when finding the perfect venue to showcase your brand. 

An accessible venue ensures that attendees, including and most importantly, those with disabilities, can move freely and comfortably. This automatically enhances their ability to engage with the exhibits and network effectively.  

This involves evaluating wheelchair accessibility, including ramps and elevators, clear signage for easy navigation, and accessible restrooms.  

It’s also critically important to consider the location’s proximity to major transportation hubs like airports and train stations, as well as the availability of adequate parking, which can greatly affect the convenience for both local and out-of-town guests. You want your prospective clients and partners not to be overwhelmed before they even get to the venue. 

Another accessibility we should talk about is Digital accessibility. This means ensuring that the event’s website and digital resources are usable by people with various disabilities, like those with visual or hearing impairments. 

By prioritizing accessibility in your location scouting, you not only comply with legal requirements and ethical standards but also widen your potential audience, fostering an inclusive environment that reflects positively on your brand and maximizes the event’s reach and impact. 

Layout And Size

The venue size must be appropriate for the expected attendees and exhibitors. 

A too small space can lead to overcrowding, making it difficult for attendees to navigate and interact with exhibitors. 

On the flip side, a too large venue may make the event feel under-attended and lack atmosphere. The venue layout is equally important; it should facilitate smooth foot traffic flow, preventing bottlenecks and ensuring easy exhibit access. Ideally, the layout would allow for a logical progression of the visitor journey, guiding attendees through a curated show experience.  

The layout should accommodate all necessary facilities in convenient locations, such as restrooms, food and beverage stations, and meeting areas.  

Both size and layout should be considered in light of the specific needs of the trade show, including the type of exhibits, the nature of the audience, and the desired ambiance of the event, to create an environment conducive to business, networking, and learning. 


In today’s modern digital age, a technologically equipped trade show venue can significantly enhance the experience for exhibitors and attendees.  

First and foremost, as previously mentioned, robust and reliable high-speed internet access is essential to any business platform, including trade shows and expos.  

This supports seamless digital presentations and interactive displays and facilitates real-time social media engagement and live streaming, which are vital for amplifying the event’s reach.  

Advanced audio-visual equipment is crucial for delivering presentations and demonstrations, which makes your presentation engaging to the audience more effectively.  

Venues with integrated tech solutions, such as smart lighting systems and automated climate control, naturally enhance the ambiance. Ambiance is crucially important to promoting your brand. Keep that in mind! 

Another aspect that needs to be talked about is an efficient online registration system. This makes it easier to gather your guest’s information and streamlines the beginning process of your event.  

As you can tell, Tech is vitally important.  


Flexibility encompasses not only the physical adaptability of the space, such as the ability to accommodate different booth sizes and layouts, but also operational Flexibility.   

The ability to easily modify the space for different interactions, from large presentations to more intimate networking areas, is truly invaluable.  

Another aspect is that this adaptability and Flexibility should extend to logistical aspects like parking, load-in/load-out facilities, and accessibility, ensuring a smooth experience for exhibitors and attendees alike.  

Venues that offer flexible booking policies, including date changes or cancellation terms, provide peace of mind in an ever-changing business environment. Flexibility is a key part of finding your perfect space, and as you can tell, Flexibility means many different variations. It’s up to you to narrow those aspects down and find the perfect place.  


This should go without saying, but the cost of the venue itself is a primary concern, as prices can vary significantly based on location, size, and amenities offered. 

Prime locations in major cities often demand higher rental fees, which can strain the budget but potentially offer greater foot traffic and accessibility. You want to be where the big cities are, for the most part.  


One of the most critical aspects to consider is the availability and quality of accommodation facilities near the event. This is paramount because the convenience and comfort of attendees and exhibitors can significantly impact the event’s overall success.  

You should consider proximity to the venue and accommodations within a short distance, or even better, within walking distance, greatly reducing transportation challenges and time constraints for participants.  


Finding a venue that works perfectly with your brand identity is a sticking point we hope you follow. 

The truth is a venue that aligns well with your brand’s identity and values can enhance brand visibility, create a long-lasting impression, and foster an environment that resonates with your target demographic. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

A perfect example of this is that a luxury brand might opt for a high-end, exclusive venue to reflect its premium positioning. In contrast, a tech-focused brand could choose a location known for innovation and technology.  


Safety is the most important aspect when picking your dream location to promote your brand.   

A secure venue ensures that risks associated with unauthorized access, potential threats, or emergencies are minimized, providing peace of mind for everyone involved.  

It is essential to assess the venue’s existing security measures, such as surveillance systems, security personnel, access controls, and emergency response protocols.  

Ensuring a safe and secure environment is not just about mitigating risks; it’s about creating a positive atmosphere where business can flourish without the overshadowing concern of potential security threats.  

Peace of mind is so important to you and your potential clients. 

Catering/ Vendors

An added bonus is a venue that offers versatile catering options while accommodating a wide range of dietary preferences and requirements. 

Efficient food vendors can significantly enhance convenience and nourishment, which will be important to larger-scale trade show events. 

We also highly suggest looking at a venue that can quickly grab a coffee or a bite to eat, which allows your potential clients to focus on the task at hand rather than wondering where or how they are going to eat. 


The last thing you should look for when location scouting should be the venue’s reputation. A venue with a stellar reputation not only assures quality facilities, professional service, and a conducive atmosphere for networking but also attracts a higher caliber of attendees, including industry leaders, potential clients, and, hopefully, media coverage.  

We highly suggest looking at the reviews of these venues, whether they are Yelp reviews or even peer reviews. Gathering as much secondhand knowledge about your prospective venue as possible can only enhance your experience and make your decision easier. 


Thorough location scouting for your next venue to host your next trade show event is an investment into the potential of your trade show presence. 

We all aim to turn a mere booth into a powerful, engaging experience that resonates with attendees and drives business goals in this industry.  

By taking these ten minor advice points presented to you, you will have the prime opportunity to make your next trade show experience memorable. 

Good luck, now find that perfect venue. Your brand deserves it. 

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