5 tips for engaging attendees

5 Tips for Engaging Attendees at Your Trade Show

Sometimes all that is needed for significantly increasing ROI at trade shows is learning how to engage attendees.
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Given that four out of every five participants are current or future consumers for exhibitors, trade show displays provide an opportunity to develop or strengthen relationships, increasing a company’s chances of success.

You’ve set aside time to exhibit your product or service at a significant upcoming trade event. It’s something that might have a substantial influence on your business because you know there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers, suppliers, investors, and stakeholders in attendance with whom your company could benefit from networking. What can you do to engage guests and fulfill your trade show goals of leads, signups, or purchases with only a few days to create an impression and stand out from comparable companies on the floor?

Finally, event planners must comprehend and demonstrate their trade show ROI. This approach begins with engaging and converting visitors in a setting with a variety of different possibilities. When their opponents confront the same difficulty, they must attract the attention of and engage their audience. If your brand shines out, you can increase the number of attendees and convert them into leads. Here are the 5 tips for engaging more attendees at your booth.

1. Make the Encounter More Fun

Turn your trade show displays into a game by asking trivia questions and rewarding those who answer them right with prizes. You can make these games even more interactive by including a reward wheel that a potential customer may spin after correctly answering a question to choose what prize they will receive.

This is when your creativity comes into play. Ensure the reward includes contact information, a logo, a firm name, or a website address, regardless of the prize. Give individuals who didn’t answer the question correctly a smaller prize, such as a card with your company’s contact information or information about your services.

2. Everyone Loves Gifts

Complimentary gifts are the most prevalent method for attracting audiences, generating leads, and improving brand recall. Giveaways range from posters, keychains, and mugs to iPads, camcorders, and power banks. Firms are becoming increasingly imaginative in their offerings.

You should not, however, give goods to every attendee as a business. For starters, it is costly. Two, it’s deceptive advertising. Three, it isn’t as efficient as you might think.

When a visitor comes to your booth, you should attempt to form long-term relationships rather than fleeting ones that fade away after the trade show is over. Give meaningful items to those whose leads will convert once you’ve identified them.

How about a private demo session if you’re a tech business displaying your newest smartphone with never-before-seen specs? That’s a fantastic technique to make a potential client feel unique. They will undoubtedly attempt to engage with your brand and promote it to others.

So, look for genuine leads and then utilize your giveaways to cultivate long-term relationships with them.

3. Visuals are More Powerful Than Words

When it comes to capturing customer attention to your show, high-quality visuals in your booth are incredibly successful. Sleek, eye-catching displays make a strong first impression. They can easily be combined with other marketing strategies such as video, social media, and selfie walls.

Exhibitors can use video walls and backgrounds to provide greater context to their audience and enhance foot traffic. Attendee-targeted digital signage with visuals and questions performs and engages better.

Screen-less displays are taking dominant thanks to advances in holographic technology. Allowing 3D visual imagery to take center stage at your event increases overall attention and engagement.

4. Design a Booth That Isn’t Like Anyone Else’s

The ultimate way to a fantastic first impression is through your booth design. You’ll blend in with the other exhibitors if you stick to the usual setup of a table, backdrop, and a few pop-up banners.

Instead, pick a design that will capture people’s attention. You could transform the booth into anything from a small house to an office building to a hard disc. While your booth design must be consistent with your brand, it must also stand out and entice guests to learn more.

5. Don’t Harass – Attract

Stopping people as they walk by and making an extravagant claim or encouraging them to look at what’s on sale is a popular approach used by businesses at trade show displays. This strategy doesn’t perform well at trade exhibitions because you’re one of the hundreds of companies employing it.

Trying to get people to come to your stall frustrates them. Attracting them to you would be a better strategy. This ensures that everybody who comes to a halt is interested in what you say and offer. Without you having to say anything, exhibition signage can do this for you.

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Trade show displays function similarly to a live presentation of internet marketing. Customers are bombarded with information when they go online, and you’re fighting for their attention. The same dynamic exists at trade events. It is possible to make the art of attracting visitors simply. It’s critical to understand the most effective strategies for engaging trade show attendees. Hence, these 5 tips for engaging attendees.

There are numerous advantages to devoting time and effort to increasing the marketability of your product through a trade show. Trade show displays are effective marketing tools to help you attract new clients while preserving ties with existing customers. It’s one of the few times when a large number of foreign buyers, vendors, and investors will congregate in one location for such a short amount of time.

Furthermore, trade exhibitions provide insight into the market and industry, introduce you to your competitors’ latest inventions and trends, and assist you in obtaining new business ideas and evaluating the competition.

Despite these advantages, many exhibitors do not make the most of their time at a trade show. Many business owners believe that all they need to do to succeed at a trade show is set up a booth and wait for the consumers to come. Customers will arrive, but only in a trickle, and conversions will be poor.

Visitors at trade exhibitions may experience sensory overload because there will be several booths clamoring for their attention and only a limited amount of time to do so. That’s why to obtain the greatest outcomes possible; it’s critical to stand out and actively engage with potential consumers – not just for the buyers you meet but also for you. It all boils down to figuring out how to keep event attendees engaged. The tips mentioned above are a few of the best ways to keep your attendees engaged and attracted.

We hope these 5 tips for engaging attendees are helpful to you. If you’d like more tips and tricks for exhibiting at trade shows,  contact us here or give The Trade Group a call at 800-343-2005.

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