Automotive Trade Shows Drive Success

5 Ways Automotive Trade Shows Drive Success

Thinking about exhibiting at an automotive show but unsure if it’s worth the investment? Here are five ways automotive trade shows can boost your sales and pipeline.
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You’ve hit a wall. 

Business is good, but you want to take things to the next level. Do you invest in more digital marketing? Advertising? Software? Another location? 

If these are the kinds of questions you’re asking, you’ve probably also thought about exhibiting at a trade show. Well, as it turns out, exhibiting at trade shows can be one of the best decisions you make for your business. 

Here are five ways automotive trade shows fuel your sales. 

#1 Automotive trade shows are buyer hotspots

Automotive trade shows serve as valuable platforms for automotive businesses to enhance their success, mainly due to their ability to attract a concentrated pool of interested and highly relevant individuals.  

At trade shows, you can 

  • Get exposure to new markets 
  • Showcase innovations and products  
  • Directly interact with potential customers  
  • Analyze the competition’s offerings

Exhibiting at automotive trade shows can significantly contribute to business success by facilitating brand exposure, customer engagement, and competitive analysis.

TRADE SHOW ROI GUIDE Exclusive insights and equations for measuring your Trade Show ROI

#2 Automotive trade shows allow for immediate procurement

Automotive trade shows aren’t just about showcasing the latest and greatest in the industry. They also offer a unique opportunity called immediate procurement, where businesses and customers can seal deals on the spot.  

This means  

  • The sales process gets a major speed boost  
  • There’s a chance to build trust through face-to-face interaction  
  • There’s the potential for a nice spike in revenue

Instead of going through a drawn-out buying process, customers can look over a product, negotiate, and finalize the purchase immediately.  

With immediate procurement, a business can turn potential customers into actual customers right there on the show floor. Throw in some special promotions or trade show-exclusive discounts, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for successful sales. 

It’s a win-win for everyone: customers enjoy the convenience, and businesses enjoy the quicker sales. 

#3 Automotive trade shows provide leadership opportunities

By leveraging networking, educational initiatives, media exposure, and community engagement, trade shows can be a steppingstone for leadership opportunities and professional growth. 

Here are some clever sponsorship opportunities that can position a company as a market leader 

  • Organizing a workshop  
  • Speaking on a panel  
  • Teaching a training session  
  • Sponsoring an after-show party

By providing educational content, they can position themselves as leaders committed to sharing expertise and improving industry standards. 

#4 Automotive trade shows help raise brand awareness

Admittedly, “brand awareness” is often a nebulous or “soft” business goal. However, by tracking the following metrics, you can better understand the effectiveness of your exhibit not only in terms of revenue, but recognition.  

Here are a few metrics to track  

  • Web visitors before, during, and after the event  
  • Social media followers  
  • Social media post impressions   
  • Check for higher email open rates after attending an event  
  • Also check for higher click through rates in your emails

With the right approach, trade shows can significantly contribute to enhancing your brand’s recognition and reputation in the market.

#5 Automotive trade shows let you touch base with current clients

In many cases, your clients may never get the chance to visit your brick-and-mortar facility, making trade shows the only place where they are able to experience all elements of your brand, from staff to products and services to logo to design.  

By engaging with clients face-to-face, you can  

  • Gather feedback 
  • Address any concerns 
  • Showcase new products or services 
  • Foster loyalty 
  • Encourage repeat business

Exhibiting at trade shows helps to improve customer retention rates as satisfied clients are more likely to continue doing business with you. 

TRADE SHOW ROI GUIDE Exclusive insights and equations for measuring your Trade Show ROI

Also, satisfied clients are more likely to refer your business to others through word-of-mouth. Positive recommendations from current clients can lead to new customers and expand your client base. 

Planning to exhibit at automotive trade shows

We always say here at The Trade Group that most prospects go to shows to learn about industry news and see, touch, and learn about new products.  

Exhibitors can’t go wrong by focusing on these three things 

  • People  
  • Products  
  • Learning

Staging the vehicles or software systems are especially important at automotive trade shows. The products take center stage. When it comes to designing an exhibit around a company’s brand and products, we mainly focus on flooring, lighting, and hanging signs.

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Secrets to Automotive Trade Shows

How can you maximize the opportunities available at shows like SEMA, NADA, MATS, and AAPEX?  

Austin Montgomery, The Trade Group’s Automotive-Focused Exhibit Specialist, takes companies step-by-step through the process of developing a winning strategy.  

Learn how to 

  • Generate leads 
  • Make lasting impressions  
  • Identify your ideal customer  
  • Research and find the right trade shows 
  • Refine your messaging to resonate with prospects  
  • Design an exhibit that executes your messaging  
  • Develop a pre-, at-, and post-show marketing strategy

With careful planning and execution, exhibiting at trade shows can be a powerful sales and marketing strategy that leads to substantial business growth. Download the whitepaper on the secrets to automotive trade shows.

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If you need help developing an effective trade show program for lead generation, contact one of our expert consultants below.  

The Trade Group is a full-service trade show and event marketing company. We will work with you to create an exhibit or an event that brings in leads and helps you achieve your business goals. Contact us here or give us a call at 972-734-8585. 

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