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6 Critical Design Elements of a WOW-Worthy Booth

How do you attract your desired audience in a crowded trade show? Get the creative juices flowing with these six critical elements.
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On average, it takes 4.8 seconds for an attendee to walk past a 10×10 booth space.

How can you quickly and effectively capture attention in a crowded show room?

Two of the most effective strategies for increasing traffic to your booth are staff training and design-based solutions.  

The Center for Exhibition Industry Report (CEIR) reports that up to 80% of attendees remember an exhibit based on the booth staff.

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That means how the staff interacts with a visitor has a disproportionate effect on the prospect’s experience with the brand. For more information on how to help orient your staff, watch one of our past webinars here.  

But before the staff has the chance to form a relationship, the prospect must first be able to find and feel drawn to the booth. How is this accomplished? Here are six critical design elements of a WOW-Worthy booth.  


The design of your display needs to clearly convey WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHAT you do BEST. What you do best is your unique value proposition (UVP). Avoid saying too much in your graphics and signage—focus on what makes you best or different.  

The Four Traffic Stoppers 

These include large format graphics, backlighting, movement and live presentations. If the exhibit design includes at least two or three of the four, your booth is very likely to be noticed. With regards to movement, a TV screen with video highlights is a good start. 

Creative Design Elements 

Exhibits stand out when the design includes interesting textures, colors, and angles. Make visual interest a priority. Hanging signs is another design element that allows you to not only capture attention, but take full advantage of your booth space from the bottom up.

Immersive Design Elements 

The design should draw people in and encourage them to stay for a while. The longer the visit, the more a guest will experience and learn about your brand.  

Interactive Content 

Examples include augmented reality, virtual reality and touch screen kiosks. Delivering content in an interactive way boosts memorability.  

Creative Lighting  

Light boxes, LED screens and projection mapping are popular and effective options today. Lighting and motion are big attention grabbers. Unfortunately, lighting is one of the first things to get dropped when operating on a tight budget. 

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When you are in pre-production brainstorming a design for the display, keep these two questions top of mind:  

  1. Does the exhibit stand out on a crowded trade show floor?  
  1. Is it memorable so you brand stays top of mind long after the show?  

If you need to get the creative juices flowing, consider looking through our Compatto gallery and learn about how to effectively use hanging signs. We also provide immersive and interactive elements like the Ritratto photo booth.

The Trade Group offers a wide range of solutions to your event marketing needs, including exhibit design, event management, and fabrication. To discover what we can do for your next event, contact us here or give us a call at 972-734-8585

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