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7 Steps to Transform Your Workspace with Office Branding

Transforming your workspace with office branding is one of the most powerful ways to create a cohesive and inspiring environment that mirrors your company’s values, culture, and mission statement.

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Your workspace should reflect your company’s identity, culture, and values. Office branding is more than just decorating the office; it should be a strategic approach to creating an environment that aligns with your company’s image and mission.  

This powerful tool will help you create the ultimate workspace that will inspire your creativity coupled with the productivity you need to elevate your company.  

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We will look at seven easy steps to transform your workspace with office branding. 

1. Workspace Assessment  

Evaluating your workspace and identifying areas that need improvement should be the first step in creating an office space worthy of your brand. Consider factors such as lighting, furniture, and the overall layout of the space.  

Ask yourself these essential questions:  

  1. Are there any elements that clash with your overall brand?  
  1. Are there opportunities to incorporate your brand?  

It’s also important to realize that the furniture in your space matters. Providing tables and comfy chairs will make your colleagues feel at home.  

Another helpful hint: don’t skimp on the office chairs. They are immensely important to your health. We expect our coworkers to sit all day and be productive to elevate the brand they work for; the least you can do is give them a chance to sit in comfort.  

An assessment will help you make informed decisions in the following steps to transforming your office space into a workplace brand paradise.  

2. Be Proud of Your Brand 

It’s important to be proud of your brand. Being proud of your brand means incorporating your company’s logo, color scheme, font style, and other visual elements into your office design.

Be creative in where you place your company’s logo. For instance, you could place them on the walls, furniture, or items around the office. Showing pride in your company brand around the office will trickle down to your fellow employees, bringing pride in their jobs.  

Making your brand as appealing as possible to clients is also imperative. Branding pens, hats, shirts, and other clothing items and decorating your space with your brand will promote tribalism. In the workspace, tribalism is a good thing. 

3. Show Your True Colors 

As simple as this might sound, the office’s choice of colors can influence the brand’s perception. Companies often use their primary and secondary colors to create a cohesive look. By showing your true colors, you create an identity that leads to a tribalistic approach to office work.  

Your employees will buy into the brand’s mission with the tribalistic colors you decide. Make sure your true colors promote a sense of happiness. Bright colors in your space will lead to a happier approach to the work environment.  

4. Create a Story 

Everyone likes a good story, and you can display your brand’s story with the space you provide yourself and your coworkers. Creating a visual story in your office by selecting colors, patterns, and design elements that reflect your brand is vitally important.

Use your brand as a guide to ensure consistency with the story you are trying to tell. I highly suggest thinking about the elements of your brand that will contribute to the overall atmosphere and message you want to tell to your audience. That audience is the people who dawn your office floor, but most importantly, those who work with and for you.  

5. Let’s Get Personal

Allow employees to personalize their own space. It’s ok to get personal. This can include branded desk accessories, plants, and even custom wallpapers that match that all-important office brand.

When coworkers have a sense of ownership over their space, they naturally connect with their brand values and culture. Simply giving your colleagues a chance to own their own space will automatically give them a purpose; thus, they will lean into your brand’s mission statement.  

6. What’s Your Opinion? 

Asking for someone’s opinion on the company’s space will sell your colleagues in on the dream of your brand. Engaging employees in the branding of your shared space will foster a sense of pride and ownership.

Ask coworkers and employees for their input on design choices, and consider hosting workshops and maybe even design contests that allow them to contribute to the space transformation. Forming and creating a community around the shared space will make everyone feel like this space is their own home.  

Employees who invest in the branding or rebranding effort become brand ambassadors inside and outside the office. Asking “What’s your opinion?” will elevate the space and office morale.  

7. Update and Change 

Office branding is an ever-changing project. Office branding is not a one-time deal; it’s an ongoing journey. As your company evolves and continues to hopefully grow, so should your workspace.  

You should periodically revisit and update your space elements to reflect any changes. These changes could be based on the social climate at the time or the change of your brand’s identity.  

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This could mean you must repaint your brand’s colors and update graphics such as logos and mission statements. You might even need to add new elements that align with your brand. As your brand gets more mature, the story will naturally evolve.  


Transforming your workspace with office branding is one of the most powerful ways to create a cohesive and inspiring environment that mirrors your company’s values, culture, and mission statement. By following these seven practical steps, you will create a workspace that not only impresses potential clients and eager visitors but will energize and motivate your colleagues to take your brand to the next level.  

A comfortable and positive tribalistic work environment makes your brand tangible for your employees to lean into the brand, thus fostering an environment of work growth and community. Remember, effective office branding is the ultimate investment in your company’s success and will help you stand out in the ultra-competitive business landscape. 

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Now, making your office an oasis of productivity, creativity, and, most importantly, community is up to you.  

The Trade Group is a full-service trade show and event marketing company. We will work with you to create an office space that brings in leads and helps you achieve your business goals. Contact us here or give us a call at 972-734-8585.  

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