We sent gift boxes as a strategic giveaway to a number of our customers and received amazing feedback. One of the notes - 'I just received my lovely gift box. What a thoughtful and cozy gift! My daughter immediately grabbed the hot cocoa!'

Ashley Cyr, Marketing Manager
“Who says lightning never strikes twice? I can verify it did in our case. RentPath had tremendous successes with Event Architecture’s (a Trade Group company) Portable Event Structures activations consecutively in 2018 and 2019 as exclusive meeting spaces at NAA Apartmentalize. RentPath was awarded ‘Best Island Booth’ at the 2019 conference – largely due to the ‘perfect garnish’ in the Portable Event Structure.”

Frank Jones
Director of Creative Services & Events
RentPath, LLC
From the work I've seen and examples in showroom; the inspirations are taken very seriously within contexts of the clients views.

Larry Harris
Harman International, Marketing Manager
High end exhibits for the most memorable trade show possible!

Susan Hamilton
Grafton Technologies, Inc
“As an independent outsourced resource for businesses, we have the opportunity to work with several creative event organizations. Working with The Trade Group makes our job easy! The team is creative, methodical, detail-oriented and centered around a collaborative partnership.”

Joe Spaccarelli, President & Managing Partner
S&E Partners
“I just felt like the people and atmosphere with which I was dealing with as far as development staff, sales staff and the construction folks out in the warehouse was just a good fit. I needed to feel confident that I could pick up a phone and call somebody and they’re going to meet my needs. I felt like they wanted me to be a part of their group. And I am.”

Craig Spence
Director of Trade Shows, Hardware Resources