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Exhibit Process

The Trade Group has developed a six-step process that supports a client’s goals and objectives throughout the lifecycle of a project. We will work with you as a strategic partner—driving positive outcomes, ensuring return on objectives, establishing return on investments and providing real-world measurement to adjust course where needed.


We will schedule a meeting with your strategic team to discuss the overall direction of the project as well as specific deliverables you hope to achieve with its execution. Through this discussion, we will capture your KPIs and brainstorm creative ways we can actualize your vision. 


During the Discover phase, we will probe into the project with targeted questions, as well as a strategic analysis of the concept. Our team will propose ideas on how to accomplish the task in a way that will generate the most favorable results, listen to feedback and provide a road map to our designers and fabricators who make it happen.


With over three decades of design innovation under our belts, we are able to take the vision we nurtured through the Listen and Discover phases and turn it into reality. Our designers will transform your key message, branding and design elements into a powerful, dynamic package that turns heads.


Every idea, design and concept require ongoing review to make sure all contributors involved remain on the same page throughout the first few phases of the project. Once all details are refined and client adjustments made, our team is ready to take the next step and bring the project to life.


At this point, our craftsmen get to work to turn your dream into a reality. All of the buildout is done in-house in our 350,000-square-foot production facility, which allows us to complete your project from start to finish in one place, cutting down on lead time and costs for you.


It’s time! We will invite you into our warehouse and production facility for an installation of your project to ensure you are completely satisfied with it before the initial activation. This is always an exciting time for both the client and our team at The Trade Group because we get to see a vision materialize.


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