B2B Attendees and Event Lifecycle

B2B Attendees and Event Lifecycle: Starting the Conversation

One of the biggest behavioral changes of this decade is the near wholesale adoption of digital shopping and networking.

Here’s the sticky situation.

Trade show attendees expect more.  

It’s not entirely their fault. One of the biggest behavioral changes of this decade is the near wholesale adoption of digital shopping and networking. There are 4.8 billion social media users, and last year’s online shopping for the holiday season exceeded the pandemic high.  

In B2B, 87% of attendees report relying on digital channels for finding business information and to support purchasing decisions. 

Things were already moving in this direction before 2020—but now it’s here. Adapting to this change means investing in digital tactics and conversing with B2B attendees throughout the event lifecycles.  

If you exhibit at B2B trade shows, your workload will get bigger. But that’s why this newsletter exists!  

Starting the Conversation

Even before March 2020 attendees entered exhibit halls with a pre-set agenda—they knew which booths they wanted to visit.

To land on attendees’ pre-set agenda, here are some best practices.  

Early Outreach 

Ten months before the event seems to be the sweet spot. Tell your current clients attending the event to visit you at your booth—satisfied clients at your booth serve as a powerful testimonial and social proof to first-time visitors.

Leverage LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is like a year-round B2B networking event. Organize your employees to post about the company’s presence at a show and share industry articles and news.  

Offer Value  

In your early outreach emails, make your meeting proposition compelling by highlighting how your product makes the attendees’ lives easier. You can also send a themed gift to top prospects for them to pick up at the booth.

Share Success Stories 

Use case studies and testimonials to build credibility and showcase the impact of your solutions. 

Getting on Attendees’ Pre-Set Agenda

Now more than ever, the success of your trade show depends on year-round conversations with attendees and prospects online.  

For ideas on how to book more meetings with prospects before the show begins, check out our guide below. In it, you will find a marketing email template, ideas for generating interest from attendees, and case studies of pre-show marketing that work.

B2B trade shows and the approach to engaging with attendees are evolving. You can create lasting impressions and fruitful connections by embracing digital tactics and initiating meaningful conversations before, during, and after the event.

Remember, it’s not just about making a sale; it’s about building relationships that endure well beyond the trade show floor.

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