Portable Exhibits

Benefits of Portable Displays

Any company can benefit from a portable display from new companies dipping their toes in the exhibition waters to seasoned trade show veterans.

Portable displays are the most common type of booth.

Most trade shows are regional affairs that only offer smaller 10×10 spaces. By tricking out your 10×10 display with custom elements, you can avoid blending in with the rest of the aisle.

Any company can benefit from a portable display, from new companies dipping their toes in the exhibition waters to seasoned trade show veterans. The key is finding the right display for your needs. Let’s examine some portable displays and their advantages for your company.

portable displays
The Trade Group’s Compatto Kit D is expandable and can fill 10×10 and 10×20 spaces elegantly.

One display, many options 

A portable trade show display provides a variety of exhibiting options. For example, with a modular display, you can adapt your layout to a wide variety of floorplans, giving you flexibility when purchasing space on the show floor. 

In addition, companies that exhibit at several trade shows often have to choose between two (or more) conflicting shows. Owning a portable display means never having to make this choice. Now a company can have a presence at each show, and the only decision to make is which one gets the custom exhibit and which one benefits from the portable one.

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Portable trade show displays can also be used for other events. For example, if your company is attending a fundraiser or recruiting event, a portable display is a quick and easy way to create a professional appearance. Additionally, while they are not in use at a show, these displays can decorate your corporate lobby or another office area. 

10x10 booths
The Trade Group Compatto Kit B.


A portable booth costs less than a custom display, and the cost savings do not stop once the exhibit is purchased. Portable displays tend to be lighter and smaller than custom displays, so they are more convenient to ship, lowering shipping costs. Then, once the display arrives at a show, it is lighter and easier to install and dismantle, saving money on I&D rates. 

An investment in a portable display lasts for several years. These displays are designed to withstand the rigors of the road and be used again and again.  

10x10 exhibits
Premier Produce’s custom 10×10 exhibit.

Impressive appearance and impact 

Saving money and going with a portable display does not mean sacrificing the quality or WOW factor. The variety of portable exhibits means that two can be side by side at a trade show, and attendees won’t know because they look vastly different from one another. Some display possibilities include different lengths and widths, graphic panels, counters, backlighting, and more.  

Time saver 

The time-saving benefits are realized practically the first minute after purchasing a portable display. Since it is an out-of-the-box solution, the only delay in having the display ready to use is the creation of graphics and signage and selecting additional accessories like banner stands, table throws, literature stands, reception counters, lighting, and more. 

In addition, the ease of setting up a portable display can help lower your I&D costs. Also, since the display can go up so quickly, you can focus on other important matters to get you and your staff ready for the big days ahead. 

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There are instances where you may wish to utilize a portable display outside of a traditional trade show setting, such as a small conference, corporate function, recruitment event, etc. Typically, you or someone from your team needs to get the display to and from the location – and set it up. 

Fortunately, portable displays are light so that they can be transported in the back of your vehicle (typically sedan and larger; no promises on minis and sports cars). Also, set up and take down is straightforward and easily accomplished by one or two team members.  

booth rendering
Oilogic 10×10 booth rendering.

Simple to revise and update 

Portable displays are designed to be installed and dismantled over several trade show seasons. They are built for longevity. However, your marketing plans likely change from season to season and product cycle to product cycle. This means your display may be used well beyond your current marketing campaign. 

Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to swap out exhibit graphics when your marketing plans change – even from show to show. In many cases, swapping graphics is so easy that you can change them from day one to day two. You could have a “different” display on each day of a trade show. 

There are a variety of options 

There are a wide variety of styles and options for purchasing a portable display that suits your specific marketing and trade show needs. You are not limited when it comes to choice and, depending on the type of display you select, have a variety of options at the show itself. For example: 

Modular displays 

You may have secured a 10′ x 10′ footprint, but there are different requirements and restrictions depending on whether it’s located on a corner, in an aisle, or near an emergency exit. With a fixed booth, this may cause issues, but a modular display is adaptable to various layouts and footprints.  

Modular displays are also highly convenient because they pack into a compact travel case. So, in addition to their compact and lightweight composition, these displays have lower shipping costs. 

Banner stands 

Convenient and low-cost, banner stands provide an attractive, professional accessory to any display. The impressive size and the custom graphics attract attention even across a busy show floor. Also, banner stands let you stretch your creativity. For example, you can create a high-impact back wall by arranging multiple banner stands side-by-side. 

Tension fabric displays 

Lightweight, innovative, and available in many design configurations, tension fabric displays brim with possibilities. Featuring full color, vibrant imagery, these exhibits are easy to set up without the need for tools. In addition, it’s easy to swap out graphics in no time at all. Tension fabric displays are ideal to use as a standalone exhibit or as an add-on to an existing display. 

Whether your company travels to just a few trade shows each year or several, a portable display is an essential component of any trade show exhibiting program. Reach out to The Trade Group, and see how we can improve your display. Please call 972-734-8585 or contact us here.

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