Best Follow-Up Emails

Best Follow-Up Emails for B2B Trade Shows

The follow-up email is the key to un-tapping that potentially game-changing personal connection.
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Ever had an opening dialogue with a client or collaborator that you viewed as being productive and potentially exciting for your brand, only for that connection to fizzle out into the void of unanswered emails in their inbox? 

Now imagine if you’ve been to back-to-back trade shows or events. Unfortunately, you’ve probably been there, but fear not; the follow-up email is the key to un-tapping that potentially game-changing personal connection even after two trade shows.

So, grab those digital quills as we explain the strategies to formulate the best possible follow-up emails that can’t be ignored. 

Personalize Your Follow-up Email

Avoid creating generic or boring “one size fits” all emails. After attending back-to-back trade shows, you’ve probably met a lot of different types of industry professionals, and those professionals have a uniqueness to themselves. Showing a personalized touch to each of your contacts will separate you from the generic “Just following up” email that, unfortunately, many working professionals implement into their working lives.   

Mentioning something specific from a prior conversation will showcase your ability to remember key points that’ll blossom that personal connection. Referencing the client’s name, service, products, or any other relevant information in your follow-up email demonstrates that you remember the significance of the interaction. People like being made to feel important, and by placing your specific interaction with this potential client is the first step to a solid follow-up email.   

Timing is Everything

We’ve all heard the saying “strike while the iron is hot,” and this rings true to crafting the perfect follow-up email. Aim to send that follow-up email within a day or two of the initial personal connection.  

The goal is to have no gap between yourself and the time you made the connection. This being reiterated, the sooner you send that follow-up email, the more likely the person will remember your conversation and consequentially respond back to you. 

Crafting the Perfect Subject Line for Your Follow-up Email

The subject line is your email’s first impression, and as we all know, first impressions are vital for personal relationships to flourish. Making your subject line intriguing, concise, and relevant will increase the openness and readability of the email.   

A helpful tip for crafting the perfect subject line would be to mention something specific from a prior conversation or highlight a benefit from this email. For example, “Unlocking Efficiency: 5 Strategies to Streamline Your Workflow and Boost Productivity.” This simple but concise email subject line gives the reader an overview of the email and uses interesting language that’ll pull the subject into opening the email.

Recap and Replay the Interaction

It might be hard to believe this, but various industry professionals have many other encounters besides you. A quick written recap or replay of your initial interaction could clear the air and make it easier for the other person to feel comfortable responding. This will also help them remember the context of the follow-up email and could be all it takes to get the response you need, however, don’t count on it.    

Provide More Information

Your follow-up email should provide more information not included in your initial connection. Attach brochures, product sheets, social media profiles, business objectives, or any relevant resources aligned with the topics you discussed in that first interaction. Make it easy for the potential client or collaborator to research independently and discover your brand further. 

Next Steps

Your follow-up email should be actively working your connection toward the next step. Whether you plan on scheduling a call, a product demonstration, or even a face-to-face meet-up. However, it’s equally important to be clear about your business intentions. Make it easier for this connection to make their own “clear call to action,” Don’t forget to include contact details for quick communication, such as an additional email or cell phone number.   

With all being said, be sure to read the “email room.” If room.” Suppose the potential connection doesn’t seem thrilled by pushing the following steps on them; simply back away and don’t burn an industry bridge. You never know when that connection could come to your ideas. I highly suggest to tread treading lightly but still being persuasive.   

Create a Concise Follow-up Email

It’s important to provide valuable information in your follow-up email, but it’s more important to take that information and make it digestible for the reader. No one likes long-winded emails. They can be overwhelming, and the reader could look over critical facts and points that could be prevalent in growing your brand. Aim to keep your follow-up email directly to the point. 

Express Your Gratitude and Show Your Value

Your follow-up email should express gratitude for your contact’s time, interest, and, most importantly, opinion on the prior initial interaction. By showing them their value, they’ll appreciate your connection more than the less sentimental approach. However, reminding them of your value is equally important. In your follow-up email, showcase the key benefits or solutions you previously discussed. This helps bridge that awkward gap between the trade show dialogue and email correspondence. 

Keep a Professional Tone in Your Follow-up Email

Although you might have established a friendly banter or quips with your fellow industry professional, keeping a Professional tone in your follow-up emails is always essential. On the flip side, avoid using an over-aggressive manner while writing your follow-up email. It could scare off any chance of effective business.

Offer Exclusive Deals

If warranted, consider offering an exclusive deal in your follow-up email. Something unattainable could be detrimental to your brand, whether a limited-time discount, access to premium content, or an event invitation. This is obviously in accordance with whatever you’re allowed to offer them—no need to provide a deal outside your budget’s scope. However, incentives add value to your follow-up email and gives the connection reason to engage with you. 


Trade shows offer a wealth of opportunities for any brand, but the key to separating your brand is the networking that follows. Crafting the perfect follow-up email might feel unattainable at times, but by following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to craft an email that’ll catch the eye of any busy industry professional. These well-crafted follow-up emails should include a personalized touch and timely response, as well as being clear and concise.   

Networking and keeping personal connections have become the backbone for career and brand building. It remains an essential aspect of growing any business.

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Now is your time to send that well-crafted follow-up email. It might be daunting and overwhelming, but the result of a lived connection could change your life forever. 

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