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In this episode of The Bottom Line, Paul joins Mike and Mal to talk about what commercial graphics are and how to use them.

If you would prefer to read instead of watching our short video, here is the transcript of the conversation on commercial graphics between Mike Gilvar, Mike Graziani, and Pete Adauto:

Mike Gilvar: Thanks to everybody for joining this session of The Bottom Line with TTG. I’m here with Pete and Mike, and today we’re talking about commercial graphics. Hey, Mike, why don’t you kick it off by kinda talking a little bit about what commercial graphics are, and then when somebody might be interested in that.

Mike Graziani: Well, it really just means any time we’re doing something that is business-related, and a lot of times it could be a volume production, so it might be something where we’re doing multiple prints of the same thing or same installation for multiple locations. Sometimes it can be indoor, sometimes it can be outdoor mounted and so forth, so you end up taking a lot of things into account that aren’t necessarily worry points with one-time trade show exhibited…

Mike Gilvar: And what are these things, guys? When I think about commercial graphics, I’m thinking basically of curling up in a ball and going to sleep. Are commercial graphics still cool? Can we still do things with 3D signage and dimensional letters and cool Halo lighting like we apply at a trade show?

Mike Graziani: Yeah, absolutely. Everything is on the table with commercial graphics from a standpoint of whether it’s two-dimensional direct print type things on various rigid substrates all the way into fabrics and so forth, and then dimensional pieces, whether we are doing signage out of a foam base or a more rigid, like an MDF type base. We absolutely… All avenues are open, so there’s really no limitations there.

Mike Gilvar: That’s awesome. So Pete, you’re the guy who we have to go to when we need to decide if there are limitations. So explain to us a little bit in terms of what are the trade groups output capabilities? How big can we go? How much of this stuff can we produce and how fast?

Pete Adauto: Well, as far as the output capabilities, we have two printers here in house that… One we traditionally use more for a fabric type outputs, and then the other one is for the more rigid substrates like your Dibond, your Centre HB, things like that. As far as width, both of them can contain, handle up to 10 feet wide. With the seam, we can go wider than that on our fabric printer, so we can produce lengthwise 100 linear foot if we need to.

Mike Gilvar: That’s awesome, and when we’re producing stuff that is the fabric printer, I think about all of the cool fabric signs we’ve done in the context of a trade show, but those are indoors. Can we still do fabric printing outdoors, or do we need to look for a different solution when we’re going outdoors?

Pete Adauto: Yeah, correct. Fabric is predominantly used indoors. Outdoors, you have enemies, the elements, moisture, dirt, things like that. Nature is gonna get that thing, make it sag a little bit more. You wanna go more towards a Dibond or something that is made to handle the elements outside; heat, moisture.

Mike Gilvar: Okay, great, and what does The Trade Group do from a standpoint of fulfillment and installation? Do we provide that mainly locally, or are we able to provide that service anywhere nationwide?

Pete Adauto: Yeah, we can provide nationwide. We have many avenues of installation to firm a simple lobby sign up to a full blown ad sign on the outside of a building, things like that.

Mike Gilvar: Awesome. Graz, what’s the bottom line for somebody who’s looking for somebody to partner with for commercial graphics? Why do you think The Trade Group might be a good partner?

Mike Graziani: Well, I think all of our trade show work really gives… Our design team is so strong in that avenue that… And it bleeds perfectly into the commercial graphics area, and so we’re able to exploit all of that design talent and put it to use on commercial graphics where you’re not gonna have the same vanilla type of signage, whether it’s an indoor application or an outdoor application, we’re gonna really make it stand out.

Mike Gilvar: Thanks guys. That was really helpful, and thanks everybody for joining this session of The Bottom Line with TTG, and we’ll see you all again soon.

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