Top 10 Education Trade Shows & Conferences

Here are the top ten education trade shows making waves in the industry, driving change, and redefining the education landscape worldwide.

Whether you are looking to enhance classroom experiences, improve administrative efficiency, or stay ahead of educational industry trends, these trade shows offer invaluable insights that you just can’t miss in this hyper-important industry.  

Here are the top ten education trade shows making waves in the industry, driving change, and redefining the education landscape worldwide. 

10. DevLearn Conference & Expo 

Where: Las Vegas, NV 


DevLearn Conference and Expo is held annually in the Sin City.  

Our first education trade show on our list gathers thousands of eLearning professionals and educators from around the world to explore the latest advancements in educational technology. DevLearn is the industry-leading learning technologies event that is transforming the future of learning and development.  

What truly sets DevLearn apart is its focus on emerging educational trends and practical applications. An added bonus is this event will offer a wide range of educational sessions, hands-on workshops, and live demonstrations. Trade showgoers will also have the opportunity to engage with groundbreaking tools and techniques, from virtual reality and augmented reality to AI-driven learning solutions.

9. HR Technology Conference 

Where: Las Vegas, NV 


Our next conference on our list attracts thousands of HR professionals, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders from around the globe to Las Vegas.  

What makes HR Technology conference truly unique is its expansive expo halls that feature the latest innovations in HR tech, including the new societal aspects of AI-driven recruitment tools, advanced analytics platforms, and employee engagement solutions. 

The conference’s blend of educational content, practical demonstrations, and unparalleled networking opportunities creates an immersive experience that empowers HR professionals to leverage technology to transform their workplaces.  

If you’re in the HR field, this conference is vitally important to the industry and the advancement of said industry.  

8. ISTE Conference 

Where: Denver, CO 


The ISTE or otherwise known as International Society for Technology in Education Conference is the outstanding event that showcases its forward-thinking approach to integrating technology in education.  

This conference attracts thousands of the best and brightest educators, administrators, and Edtech enthusiasts.  

This education tech conference is renowned for its innovative and informative sessions that cover a wide range of industry topics, from digital citizenship and personalized learning to artificial intelligence and virtual reality in the classroom. This wide range of intense topics is a huge plus for industry professionals.  

The main focus of this event is ISTE’s commitment to fostering a global community of educators dedicated to harnessing technology to improve teaching and learning, making it an essential event for anyone passionate about the future of education.

7. Future of Education Technology Conference 

Where: Orlando, FL 


This conference is a Florida gathering for educators, administrators, and technology enthusiasts who are passionate about revolutionizing the educational landscape.  

The Future of Education Technology Conference features a wide variety of workshops, keynote speeches, and hands-on sessions that cover a diverse range of topics, from the rise of artificial intelligence in classrooms and immersive learning through augmented/ virtual reality to data analytics for personalized learning experiences.  

This conference has a plethora of thought leaders, tech pioneers, and educators, making FETC not just an event but the north star for the future of education that prepares students for a rapidly evolving world. 

6. NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo 

Where: Washington D.C. 


NAFSA is the world’s largest association with the sole purpose of international education.  

The main purpose of this education conference is its comprehensive approach to addressing the multifaceted challenges and opportunities in international education. Each year, the event features sessions, workshops, and keynote addresses that cover topics such as student mobility, global learning, policy advocacy, and intercultural competency.  

Even more so, NAFSA’s commitment to inclusivity and, most importantly, diversity ensures that voices from all regions and educational sectors are heard, making it a truly global event.  

5. Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education 

Where: San Diego, CA 


This important summit is a distinctive and influential event that brings together educators, researchers, policymakers all dedicated to advancing educational outcomes through the principles of always showing improvement.  

This conference has a unique focus on applying improvement science in education, which basically means it’s a systematic approach to testing and refining practices in real-world settings to enhance student learning. 

This hands-on type of conference with an evidence-based approach not only drives meaningful change but also builds a supportive community of professionals committed to making lasting improvements in education systems worldwide.

4. SXSWedu  

Where: Austin, TX 


We’ve all heard of SXSW, but SXSWedu is a unique and dynamic component of the larger South by Southwest festival, focusing specifically on innovation and the future of education.  

SXSWedu is a vibrant conference with a unique approach that merges technology and creativity while fostering an environment where cutting-edge educational tools and practices are showcased and debated.  

The event features a variety of different formats, including keynote speeches, interactive workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, all designed to inspire and equip attendees with new educational strategies.  

Another added bonus to the conference is that SXSWedu is renowned for its emphasis on student voices and participation, ensuring that learners are not only the focus but also active contributors to the dialogue. 

This is a very special event in the education arena.  

3. ASCO Annual Meeting  

Where: Chicago, IL 


While we step away from strictly the educational field, this conference embodies the need to be learned in the medical field.  

This highly important annual event is one of the most significant events in the oncology community, attracting over 40,000 oncology professionals from around the world. ASCO is Held annually in Chicago; this prestigious conference provides a comprehensive forum for sharing the latest advancements in cancer research, treatment, and patient care.  

ASCO Annual Meeting has a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together researchers, clinicians, and pharmaceutical representatives to foster collaboration and hopefully become more educated on a hyper-important topic.  

The truth is the ASCO Annual Meeting is not just a conference; it’s a catalyst for undeniable progress in the fight against cancer, driving the oncology community towards new horizons in cancer treatment. 

2. AGG1  

Where: St Louis, MO 


AGG1 is an industry-leading event dedicated to the aggregates sector, providing a comprehensive platform for professionals to learn, and explore the latest innovations and technologies in the field.  

AGG1 brings together a diverse variety of exhibitors, from heavy equipment manufacturers to service providers. What makes AGG1 unique is its extensive educational program, featuring expert-led panels on topics such as advanced crushing techniques, sustainable practices, and emerging market trends.

1. ATD Conference & Exposition  

Where: New Orleans, LA 


Our number one educational trade show is the ATD Conference and Exposition.  

Originally organized by the Association for Talent Development, this incredibly popular event brings together professionals from around the world to explore the latest trends and innovations in talent development.  

What makes the ATD Conference truly unique is its comprehensive approach to learning and development. The event features a wide array of educational sessions led by industry experts. These sessions cover topics from leadership and coaching to technology and instructional design. 

The ATD Conference & Exposition stands out for its ability to blend theoretical insights with practical steps to shine in a pretty competitive industry. This creates a vibrant learning environment that empowers professionals to enhance their skills and drive success. 

And there you have it, our top 10 education trade shows that are sure to spark innovation, inspire collaboration, and transform the way we view learning!  

Whether you’re an educator eager to discover the latest teaching tools, a tech enthusiast looking to showcase your groundbreaking products, or simply a lifelong learner hungry for fresh ideas, these trade shows and expo events above are your golden ticket. 

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