Event Production Showcase at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami

Hey everybody, welcome to another edition of The Trade Group’s Bottom Line here from Miami at the Bitcoin Conference. Really excited to be here yet another event for us.

Hey everybody, welcome to another edition of The Trade Group’s Bottom Line here from Miami at the Bitcoin Conference. Really excited to be here yet another event for us.

This is a little different though most of you are familiar with Trade Group as building some of the greatest exhibits in the market. But what maybe you don’t know is that Trade Group also produces events. And this event here at Bitcoin is completely produced by Trade Group. At the conference, we produced over 80 exhibits. All the exhibits you see here, The Trade Group produced in house and well, it’s all the graphics, but let me show you around and show you some of the other things that the Trade Group produced at an event like this. Taking an empty room like you see here and turning it into a keynote center with high end AV. Fit for, you know, thousands of people. This is kind of what we do. We also created this gallery. All the walls that you see here and all the artwork that you see here while it was created for Bitcoin and is Bitcoin related really, really awesome.

An event like you see here is a lot more than just what you see on the inside. We have a whole outdoor component to this event. All the outdoor activation products that you see here, like the tent behind me, Trade Group coordinated and set up and did all of that as well. It’s a lot of cool things going on here, like murals that are being created, VIP areas, bars outside. We have a skate park, a basketball court, a gaming center, there’s so much to see and do here and we got involved in everything. 

So what’s the bottom line? Well, bottom line is events are back and it’s really awesome to be here. But you know, it’s some of those smaller events that maybe you don’t think about corporate events where you just. Customer appreciation events that you want to do, or a corporate event where you bring in people from all over the country from your organization as well as dealers and vendors. We’ve done those as well. We also do projects like product introduction where you create a big splash. Those are really common. Thanks for joining us on this edition of The Bottom Line and we’ll see you next time.

There’s so many cool things happening outside. Oh my gosh, it is really bright here oh my.

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