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6 Examples of Awesome Exhibits In 2022

Want your trade show exhibit and brand to stand out at events? Here are 6 stunning examples of exhibits that we love.
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Capturing the imagination of onlookers  

Flashing lights, motion graphics and hanging signs are all great for making impressions on the show floor and other events. But if you want to draw people in, you’ll have to do more than snag their eyes—you need to grip their imagination.  

How do you set someone’s mind on fire with irresistible curiosity to find out more about your product? A good-looking booth is a great start, but it won’t go far enough. You need fascinating storytelling and content embedded within your design.  

We’re not saying to neglect the essential elements of a well-designed exhibit—which we outline below—but we are saying that it’s just as important to ask what prospects should feel when they see your display.

Is it possible to give them butterflies in their stomach when they see your exhibit? What about an adrenaline dump? Do you want them to ask a burning question that they must find an answer to at once?

If you’re going to capture the imagination, you have to get in the shoes of your ideal buyers. Find out more than their problems and pain points, find out about their desires and what excites them.  

The examples below do their best to ask and answer these questions. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to reiterate the basic elements of crafting a well-designed booth as it goes hand-in-hand with our goals.  

5 factors to consider for your exhibit design 

First, you need a big idea. A vision. That’s the place to start. And it’s OK to let your idea get out of hand as you dream about what you want the experience to be like on the trade show floor or at any other live marketing event.  

Once you’ve captured the feeling and end result, write it down. Then you can search for ways to make the logistics work. Seems a little counterintuitive, I know.

In general, we recommend keeping these five factors in mind as you collaborate with a reputable exhibit design company to craft a space that will attract your ideal buyers. It will help give shape to your vision.  

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1. Function & Design 

The one doesn’t exist without the other. Is your exhibit both captivating and easy to move around in? If you’re booth space is not set up right, then you risk crowding your booth and prospects leaving.  

You can think of function and design in this way. A good booth design is what captures the initial attention. It tells somebody about the company’s personality, capabilities and quality. Most importantly, it sets the stage for the primary function of the booth.  

Function on the other hand, is what the exhibit does, whether it’s showcasing the product, demonstrating the product in real time, making sales or capturing leads. In simple terms, function is the goal, design is the method for achieving the goal.

2. Decide if you’re designing a Ford or Ferrari 

One is not necessarily better than the other. In the end, the deciding factor should be determined by the goal. Is the goal speed or dependability?  

Often the best way to go about answering the question is with another question. What space in the market does your company occupy? If you’re a start up, you may actually benefit more from a Ferrari-type exhibit, one that is eye-catching and draws visitors in to learn about what you do.  

If you’re mid-market, you’ll have to research your competition and ask whether or not you need to match them or one-up them. But in this space, you may just need to maintain a presence and focus on cutting costs.  

And if you’re an industry leader, you can set the pace and tone for the event. A custom exhibit is the strategy for keeping your lead and authority in the industry.  

3. Marketing criteria 

This is where storytelling becomes a player. Aside from revenue goals, what are the marketing goals? In what ways are your raising brand awareness? What ideas or core values do you want prospects to associate with your brand?  

Jingles are a great example of this. Just finish the tune. “Bud up bup bup buh, I’m _____ it.” Obviously, it’s McDonald’s! What they’re trying to do is pair positive feelings to their food. That’s also why their kid’s meals are called “happy meals.”  

Examples abound. Finish this one. “SC Johnson… a _____ company.” SC Johnson is renowned for their cleaning solutions, bug spray and a host of other products. But they want you to think of their family values when you picture their brand. That’s marketing.  

What ideas, core values or feelings do you want customers and clients to think of when they picture your brand?  

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4. The demo  

Trade shows were originally a place for people to touch, feel, hear, see and learn about new products. But in recent years, the demo element has been transformed with the advent of experiential marketing.  

When crafting a demo space, make sure you have control over as many of the presentation elements as possible. Don’t just rely on your product to sell itself.  

5. Physical limitations 

Be sure to figure out how the venue may limit your design. For example, some convention building have height restrictions, odd configurations and utility service entrances, etc.  

At this point, if you’re planning to have a big presence at a show, it pays to work with an award-winning exhibit design company like The Trade Group. (Sorry for the self-promotion, but we’re the best).  

At the end of the day, remember this. Big ideas are great. But a good idea executed well is better than a great idea executed poorly. Design to be flexible and modular.

Examples of Awesome Exhibits

Awesome exhibits
Aerometals’ booth at Heli-expo jolted onlookers. The exhibit created a feeling of being pull into it as if it were some sort of vortex. No doubt, the image of spinning copter wings and the sloping angle of the ceiling (which is part hanging sign) had something to do with it.

stunning trade show booths
While seeing the visual elements in-person is an experience all its own, the space is also highly functional. The left and right walls point inward toward the center of the booth space, hiding tables for client meetings.

outdoor exhibits

Outdoor exhibits can be just as captivating to look at and functional as indoor exhibits. In the past, the problem to overcome with outdoor events is preparing for unpredictable elements. Event Architecture’s portable event structures offer a compelling solution for the weather and a great design.

event architecture
It’s also interesting to note how crucial meeting spaces are to not only trade show booths but outdoor activations, too. A double-decker is an efficient use of space as it multiples what you’re able to do. At the Electrify Expo, Bridgestone strategically placed their products indoors and added a lounge/meeting area on top of their display.

awesome exhibit design
Solera offers AI-enabled technology for companies to track the lifecycle of their vehicles, among other things. At this year’s National Auto Dealers Association (NADA), they collaborated with the Trade Group to create an exhibit that captured the essence of their core values and functionally allowed them to have meetings with prospects on the show floor.

The Trade Group at NADA
The end result of any captivating storytelling is an audience full of listeners.

Abnormal Security’s exhibit at the 2022 RSA Cybersecurity Conference in San Francisco, CA.

RSA is a conference renowned in the cybersecurity and trade show industry for its beautifully crafted booths and cutting-edge technological presentations.

Inspiring trade show displays
eAdvisor provides a auto-mechanics and stores with a scanning tool that plugs into a vehicle’s OBD2 port to collect information. Their booth at NADA that demonstrates the effectiveness a modular display still has at trade shows.

Notice how the blue carpet complements eAdvisor’s brand color. Little details like this provides a subtle immersive experience for attendees visiting their booth. The surrounding exhibits often pick carpets as an afterthought.

Nexo’s tunnel activation for the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami catches eyes from across the exhibit hall, luring people to walk through and immerse themselves in the brand.

The exhibit functions more as a brand activation that teaches prospects about the company’s crypto buying and selling services.

Let’s brainstorm a plan for your next event

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