Finishing Up The Airstream

Thanks to everyone for joining us for another session of The Bottom Line at TTG. Today I’ve Pete; he’s going to give us an update on our Airstream project.

If you prefer to read instead of watching our short video, here is the transcript of the conversation about the airstream between Sierra Reed and Pete Adauto:

Sierra: Thanks to everyone for joining us for another session of The Bottom Line at TTG. Today I’ve Pete; he’s going to give us an update on our Airstream project.

Pete: Yeah, so I think the last time you saw this, we hadn’t started anything on the inside as you guys can see; we’ve come a long way. We’ve got custom countertops here for coffee makers, just kind of a serving area. We’ve got a refrigerator for cold drinks down there. Then we’ve got a custom little meeting room here on the side which is equipped with a custom TV, so like if they want to do a have a meeting they want to show a PowerPoint presentation or something like that and that will just go down and get out of the way for you.

Sierra: Nice, what about the blinds in here?

Pete: So the blinds got from a local company that makes custom blinds for Airstreams, and we’ve added the Suntory logo to it and a few different fabrics. It kind of blocks out and makes it just a little bit more intimate, I guess you could say on the inside. So, in addition to the blinds, we decided to go ahead and tint the windows and shout out to Augustine Rodriguez with Dealer 10 out of Frisco, TX. He and his team came in, tinted windows. And the challenge that we faced with the original windows is there were some minor imperfections in there, which made it a little tougher to get the windows tinted, and his team did a great job on it, and as you can see from the photos, it turned out good. Custom seating area here, kind of bench seats. Try to keep everything small and low. We’re already in a confined space here, so we just kind of want to make it look a little bit more open. You see all the white and everything on the inside.

Sierra: Yeah, I love that.

Pete: Yep, we’ve got some custom curtains that we made here to kind of close in the front side. And then we kept this. I think I’ve talked about this in a couple of the other videos. We try to keep the authenticity of the actual Airstream trailer being over, you know, 50 years old. So, these gauges right here actually came with the original one. We kind of change it up a little bit, and we’ve got lights here.

Sierra: Yeah, what about the ceiling? Are there elements on the ceiling?

Pete: So the ceiling, LED custom lights, and then we have some RGB lights up on the top for just a little bit extra color. These plugs right here? We’ve added in just so that we have excess power, but we also have USB charging ports so they can run, you know, maybe a little fan or even charge the phones and wireless devices.

Sierra: So Pete, tell us about the security of the Airstream.

Pete: So with these original locks. They don’t make them anymore; they’re hard to find if you find them very expensive with the investment that we have inside; we want to ensure that we have this thing secure and locked up. So what we did was we’ve added one of these and an exterior lock and it’s all completed on the inside so that the client can lock this door up and take the key. And you know, with traditional campers, a lot of those keys open the same door everywhere. So you got to make sure that this is individual to this Airstream so you know nobody else can get into it.

Sierra: Alright, so the client was here last month to review our progress. Let’s hear what he has to say.

Suntory Client: Well, we’re always looking for something to get attention, and I think this will do it. We were looking for something different. We’ve always tried to set a standard with our trade show display, and I believe this will one up a little bit. I love first and foremost how much of the original aspect of the trailer you’re keeping. You can tell you taking a lot of time focused on the details and it really shows in the trailer even like the blue windows all being original, the little levers. I mean, I think that’s really cool. The propane things that’s really cool for keeping all this original stuff, but it’s all useful. Also, we can all use it at all works. We are going to use it as a trade show display, so we’ll take it around to our major shows and park it in the booth and we’ll probably decorate like a campsite around the outside little campfire with some chairs will use our red and orange flowers for the fire, but we’re also going to take it to like trials. A lot of universities or local gardens and do trial events. So will probably take it there. Maybe throw a barbecue out front and cook hamburgers and hot dogs for everybody coming to visit the trials.

Sierra: So Pete, what’s the bottom line?

Pete: Bottom line is nine months in the making; you know we’re down to two days left. This thing is headed out to Cultivate show in Columbus, Ohio. Try not to get emotional about it. It’s been, you know, a baby of ours here and everybody that’s worked on it, just a great team. Very happy to work with everybody and to shout out to all of them for making this thing possible for the trade show.

Sierra: Thanks so much, Pete. And thanks to everyone who tuned in, and we’ll see you on the next session of The Bottom Line at TTG.

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