IEEE 2022: Boost Your Trade Show Performance

Since the last IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference, the global energy industry has learned a lot from several climate disruptions and a worldwide pandemic. The upcoming 2022 show is a milestone event that exhibitors shouldn’t miss. To stand apart from the competition, here are a few suggestions to boost your performance at IEEE.
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It’s been four years since the last IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Conference and Exposition. Undoubtedly, the global community of energy industry professionals is anxious to reconnect in-person to discover and discuss the latest technologies, energy challenges, and solutions. Fortunately, the 2022 event is only a few months away – March 24-28, 2022 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA.

The 2022 conference’s theme – Power in Connections – reflects the desire to reconnect face-to-face. IEEE PES T&D 2022 is a momentous event and exhibitors need to put their best foot forward to attract their target audience.

IEEE PES T&D 2022 draws a sizeable global crowd because of its many educational opportunities, such as the technical program delivered through a series of super sessions, forums, panel discussions, poster presentations, and tutorials. Topics for 2022 include the electrification of infrastructure, integration, and operation of renewable energy, and lessons learned from the pandemic and recent climate disruptions. Attendees can also advance their professional and personal growth by earning CEUs (continuing education units) and PDHs (professional development hours). Additionally, the conference offers several networking sessions and technical tours of nearby plants and companies.

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However, with more than 700 exhibitors, the show floor is where the real action occurs. There is a lot to see and do, including The Innovation Stage, which is a series of interactive presentations on topics like the integration of distributed energy resources, microgrids, utilities of the future, and new technologies. The Smart Cities Pavilion is a new feature at the 2022 show. This area features ways to make smarter cities a reality, including creative approaches to energy, water, mobility, health and safety, food and agriculture, and waste solutions.

IEEE PES T&D 2022 presents a tremendous opportunity for exhibitors. Here are suggestions to boost your trade show performance to stand out from the competition for attendees’ attention.

Experiential engagement

The term experiential tends to conjure thoughts of walking around towering candy sculptures, rooms where paintings spring to life, and VR games that blast heat and wind. While those are tremendously fun – and we’re big fans – that’s not what we’re referring to this time. IEEE PES T&D, experiential means that exhibitors find innovative and engaging ways to mimic real-world experiences on the show floor.

At the 2018 show, exhibitors created these experiences in big and small ways. That year, no matter where you were on the show floor, it was difficult to miss the scaled-down – but still gigantic – transmission structure that towered over one electric utility’s exhibit. Not only was the transmission structure a significant talking point, but it also worked as a beacon to draw attendees to the display (and as a helpful way finder).

On the flip side, an engineering and environmental consulting firm went very small with their exhibit by constructing a Lego city. The company used those colorful, multifaceted, barefoot-destroying bricks to depict several wind turbines and a hydroelectric facility powering a neighborhood of houses, stores, and a hospital. Additionally, since Lego is committed to sustainability, the model aligned with the firm’s environmentally conscious mission statement.

Give the crowd what they want

Research has shown that most people form first impressions within 10 seconds and that sight plays a crucial role. Trade show exhibits need eye-catching booth graphics and engaging, colorful displays that appeal to your target audience.

At the 2018 show, companies also used little razzle-dazzle to attract attention. A utility industry manufacturer featured a brand new, fiery-red Ferrarifront-and-center that turned heads and drew quite a crowd.

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Another company found another surefire way to draw a crowd down a different aisle: free coffee. This display included a station with several cappuccino drinks and varieties of coffee. (Don’t get too excited for this coffee cart’s return. It looks like exhibitors cannot offer food or beverages at the 2022 show.)

However, while both methods drew visitors to these exhibits, the real question is whether or not they were the “right” crowd. Can it be called a success if people are just there to look at a car and not to learn about the company’s products or services?

A successful booth speaks directly to the wants and needs of its target audience. This type of exhibit may not draw the biggest crowds, but it doesn’t need to because the visiting attendees are there for the right reasons.

Demo, demo, demo

An attendee visiting your booth wants to be engaged while learning about your products and services.

One of the best ways to deliver engagement is through product demonstrations. A study by The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR)found that most B2B trade show attendees (78 percent) enjoy watching in-booth demonstrations and interacting with products. The study also found that, six months after an event, 80% of what visitors remember about a company is due to their interactions with booth staff.

Not only do in-booth demonstrations deliver these critical interactions and engagement, but it also helps visitors learn about your company and what set you apart from the competition.

IEEE PES T&D delivers plenty of product demos. Expect to see drones flying and equipment whirling. At the 2018 show, the display for a manufacturer of hotline tools included one of the company’s trailers loaded with equipment. Visitors witnessed the full scope of the company’s offerings and experienced first-hand their accessibility and ease of use.

It’s been a long four years, and energy industry professionals can’t wait to connect face-to-face at IEEE PES T&D 2022. For more information about IEEE PES T&D 2022 – and many other trade shows on the horizon– click here for our trade show search.

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