Is This the Best Trade Event of 2021?

2021 kicked off the recovery for tradeshows with many remarkable events attracting sizable crowds. The future looks promising for trade events. Here’s what we think is the best show of the year.
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As the year comes to a close, it’s time to meditate on all that has transpired and develop a vision for the upcoming new year. In this article, we are going to reflect on possibly the best trade event that took place over the last eleven months: Bitcoin 2021.

Why is this event so significant? Especially since there were many remarkable shows that were organized despite the risk of low attendance. It is significant for two simple reasons: it foreshadows the coming take-over of experiential marketing and the upward trend of festivalizing events.

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Bitcoin 2021 is the first of its kind: a celebration of the bitcoin community through experiential marketing. The event included a dynamic environment with an industry day, as well as entertainment (Sumo wrestlers, professional dancers, and entertainers), a skateboard demo with Tony Hawk, an art gallery, basketball court, VIP parties, exciting speakers, financial pundits, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and others.

As we’ve noted elsewhere on the blog, today’s business people are getting younger and younger, and they value tactile experiences over networking opportunities of traditional trade shows. By no means does this imply trade shows are on their way out, but it does mean that you will see trade shows incorporating both indoor and outdoor components to their events. As Bitcoin 2021 shows, the effect of combining these elements is incredibly powerful.


Besides celebrating the bitcoin community, the event was also developed for other purposes, including educating the public about how the industry functions and impacts the world, and offering a space where different verticals could collaborate and discuss how to cross-pollinate various areas of the bitcoin community.

In other words, its reason for existing is similar to traditional trade shows: networking and sales. However, there is a key difference. That difference is the emphasis on utilizing the space as a fan zone. The event is not only a place for business but community.


What exactly was involved in this one-of-a-kind festival experience? The exterior space was decorated with fun and colorful scenic features and sponsor graphics. Modular domes adorned with custom graphics were also utilized for outdoor activations.

Outdoor and offsite activation highlights included:

  • Sumo Wrestlers
  • Tony Hawk Skateboard Demo
  • Basketball Court
  • Scenic Photo Opportunities
  • Whale Party VIP Event

The indoor spaces were designed to facilitate functional aspects of the show, including keynotes, panel discussions, and the exhibit hall. In addition, an art gallery provided a place for attendees to celebrate all things bitcoin from the perspective of various artists.

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Highlights of the indoor spaces included:

  • Keynote Center
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Artist Alley Art Gallery

Bitcoin 2021 provided a singular forum where many top influencers— from Jack Dorsey to US Senators to Tony Hawk—could merge and amplify the impact of the community and event. The significance of the event was so enormous for the bitcoin community that El Salvador announced during the event that it would be making bitcoin the legal tender of their country.


The final outcome of Bitcoin 2021 is still in process because its reach continues to extend long after the event has ended. What is certain is that its results exceeded the organizers’ expectations, setting up tremendous momentum for next year’s Bitcoin 2022. There may not be a better time in the future to get educated and connected with the Bitcoin community or update your marketing strategy by adding experiential components to the shows you attend.

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