KBIS Tips pt 1 Claire Phillips

If you prefer reading over watching our short video, you can follow the transcript of Claire Phillips detailing KBIS Tips.

Claire Phillips:
I’m Claire Phillips with the Trade Group and this is a dive into all things KBIS. The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show is just around the corner. Here at the Trade Group, we’re gearing up to make this year the best for our clients. Today, we’re looking at ways to help our clients have a value-filled experience. Did you know that 80% of visitors remember trade show exhibits based on booth staffers? That means how your staff interacts with customers at KBIS is huge. It’s no surprise then that you can increase conversions of booth visitors to qualified leads with a well-trained staff.

Some key elements to think about up are setting goals and objectives, practicing and training your team prior on elements like their elevator speech, qualifying leads by creating open-end engaging questions, learning to disengage after qualifying leads and measure your results daily. The Trade Group specializes in all things trade show related, including booth staff training. We’ll help you clarify your goals, strategize ways to meet them and execute the strategies at the show. We’ve seen and helped businesses improve their presence at trade shows by up to 68% with proper booth staff training. For a full training click on the link below this video.

If you have questions about how the Trade Group can assist your show needs at the upcoming KBIS 2022 show, contact us here or give us a call at 800-343-2005

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