Solera: Design of the Month

Solera’s unique booth design highlights the efficacy and beauty of crafting an exhibit that visually represents a company’s core strengths, values and operations.
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The world’s leader in vehicle life-cycle management updated their branding, which ultimately led to an entirely new and unique exhibit experience

LAS VEGAS MARCH 10th, 2022—The National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) kicks off their annual show with much anticipation and excitement at the brand new Allegiant Stadium adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip. This is expected to be the biggest event NADA has hosted in its history with auto dealers and businesses bringing their A-game. 

It is in this setting that Solera, the global leader in vehicle-lifecycle management, wanted to make their presence felt in a positive and powerful way.

With updated branding and a new logo, they sought to craft an exhibit to complement the sophistication of their AI-enabled technologies. And they triumphed.  

Solera wanted to design an exhibit that would denote their cutting-edge tech capabilities

solera booth

Solera’s new logo shape and style speaks to the many insightful layers of data they provide to their clients the world-over.

To prepare for NADA, an exhibit structure was designed to highlight their new branding and to capture the precision results Solera offers. 

Sleek angles and converging lines support Solera’s state-of-the-art data services 

solera design of the month

The outcome is a beautiful representation of Solera’s impressive services in the form of sleek angles, outside-the-box structural design that breaks away from standard alignment with the venue’s floor and walls, and ceiling structures that transition directly into suspended verticals to intentionally blur the line of where the deck structure begins and ends.  

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Solera’s eye-popping exhibit, VIP Lounge and demo stations transformed their booth into a high-tech gathering place 

solera at nada

As a result, Solera’s exhibit becomes a high-tech gathering place that draws the guest via supporting structure as well as compelling AV installations to aid the exhibit staff.

In the end, the pictures of the crowded booth full of smiling salespeople and prospects speak for itself.  

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We hope you enjoyed the Solera design of the month highlight. We’ll see you again in May with another exciting design update! To discover what we can do for your next event, contact us here or give us a call at 972-734-8585

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