Sports and Recreation Trade Shows

Top 10 Sports and Recreation Trade Shows

From cycling and surfing to golf and diving, these trade shows provide a platform for professionals and enthusiasts to immerse themselves in sports and recreation.

Attending sports and recreation trade shows offers a unique opportunity to stay ahead of industry trends, discover new products, and build valuable connections.  

These events are not only about showcasing the latest gear but also about experiencing the lifestyle and culture that come with various sports. From cycling and surfing to golf and diving, these trade shows provide a platform for professionals and enthusiasts to immerse themselves in sports and recreation. 

Why Exhibit at Sports and Recreation Trade Shows? 

Top 10 Sports and Recreation Trade Shows
InfiRay exhibiting at the 2024 edition of SHOT Show.

Exhibiting at sports and recreation trade shows is a powerful way for businesses to reach a targeted audience, generate leads, and increase brand visibility. These events attract a diverse crowd, including retailers, distributors, and end-users who are eager to discover new products and services.  

By participating as an exhibitor, companies can demonstrate their latest innovations, engage with potential customers, and gain insights into market demands.

With that said, here are the top 10 sports and recreation trade shows you can’t miss.

Top 10 Sports and Recreation Trade Shows 

10. Taipei Cycle   

Where: Taipei, Taiwan  

When: March 26 – March 29, 2025  

Our first trade show on our top ten sports and recreation trade show list is the Taipei Cycle. Taipei Cycle is one of the premier cycling trade shows in the entire world.  

What truly sets Taipei Cycle apart from other events is its in-depth showcase of the cycling industry on the trade show floor. This event features high-end bicycles and highlights innovative components, as well as the latest in cycling accessories and apparel. It attracts a wide global audience of industry professionals, buyers, and, of course, cycling enthusiasts.   

To put it lightly, the Taipei Cycle is a unique and influential event in the cycling calendar. It’s a must-attend for anyone embedded in the cycling world.   

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9. Driving Equipment and Marketing Association   

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States  

When: November 19 – November 22, 2024  

Taking our number 9 spot is the Driving Equipment and Marketing Association trade show that dawns the Las Vegas strip. This event brings together professionals and enthusiasts from the diving and underwater sports world. It is renowned for its extensive and in-depth showcase of the latest diving equipment, technology, and services.   

Its hyper-focus on the diving industry sets this specific trade show apart. This event offers manufacturers, retailers, and dive professionals a unique stage to network, share important insights, and explore new business opportunities.   

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8. Surf Expo  

Where: Orlando, Florida, United States   

When: September 5 – September 7, 2024  

Surf Expo, held biannually, is one of the most comprehensive surfing events in the world, with its main focus being on surfing, skating, and other water sports industries.   

What makes Surf Expo different from other events is its focus on not just products but the entire lifestyle and culture surrounding water sports. This becomes more than just an expo for surfing; it is also a cultural event.   

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7. Piscine Global- The World Swimming Pool Show  

Where: Lyon, France  

When: November 19 – November 22, 2024  

This event is held biennially in Lyon, France.   

The World Swimming Pool Show is the prime event in swimming pools and spas.   

This massive event draws thousands of professionals from around the world from many different countries. The World Swimming Pool Show is known for its comprehensive showcase. Piscine Global features the latest innovations in pool construction and design alongside modern, advanced wellness and spa products.   

The World Swimming Pool Show’s reputation as the largest and most influential trade show in its sector makes it a must-attend event for anyone involved in the swimming pool and wellness industry.   

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6. PGA Show  

Where: Orlando, Florida, United States   

When: January 21 – January 24, 2025  

PGA Show, otherwise known as PGA Merchandise Show. This golf-centric event is an annual meeting that serves as a global gathering for the golf industry. This iconic event brings together golf professionals, industry leaders, and golf enthusiasts worldwide.  

Attendees and patrons have the unique opportunity to test new golf products, participate in hands-on workshops led by some of the best golf professionals in the world, and attend educational seminars.   

This event is everything and anything related to golf. The truth is that the PGA Show is an unmissable event for anyone passionate about the game of golf, whether they are seasoned professionals or newish golfers looking to improve their game.   

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5. SCI Convention   

Where: Nashville, Tennessee, United States   

When: January 22 – January 25, 2025  

Our next event is the Safari Club International Convention, often called the “Ultimate Sportsmen’s Market.” This event brings together hunting and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide under one trade show roof.   

Patrons can explore a wide array of hunting gear, outdoor equipment, and even exclusive hunting trips offered by trade show goers from all corners of the world.   

This wild convention features high-profile guest speakers, including renowned hunters and conservationists, who are more than happy to share their insights and experiences out in the wild.   

The Safari Club International Convention is a must-attend for its focus on wildlife conservation. It provides a platform for attendees to engage in discussions and initiatives to preserve hunting traditions and wildlife habitats.  

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4. Eurobike  

Where: Frankfurt, Germany   

When: July 3 – July 7, 2024  

Eurobike is one of the biggest global trade shows dedicated to the bicycle industry.   

This event is held annually in Germany and makes Eurobike a must-attend due to its undeniable ability to showcase the latest advancements in bicycle technology, design, and accessories.   

What makes Eurobike special is its comprehensive coverage of the cycling industry. In fact, Attendees can experience firsthand the newest advancements in e-bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, and cycling accessories, often before they even hit the market.   

Eurobike remains a pivotal event for anyone passionate about cycling and its future.  

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3. Boot  

Where: Düsseldorf, Germany   

When: January 18 – January 26, 2025   

Our next event is a prime-time international boat show held annually in Düsseldorf, Germany, considered one of the most significant events in the maritime industry.  

This truly incredible event showcases many boats and yachts, including common sailing boats, futuristic motorboats, luxury yachts, and even state-of-the-art marine equipment.   

What sets Boot apart is its undeniable opportunity for anyone in the maritime industry; in fact, this event features over 1,900 exhibitors from more than 70 countries, providing a unique opportunity to see the latest in boating technology and water sports.  

Another bonus to this event is that the trade show can engage in various boating activities, such as diving, surfing, and fishing workshops, making this event a hands-on experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.   

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2. Shot Show  

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States   

When: January 21 – January 24, 2025   

The SHOT show, otherwise known as the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show, is a Vegas event for professionals involved in the shooting sports, hunting, and even law enforcement industries.   

Another bonus for the SHOT show is it is the largest trade show of its kind in the world, attracting over 60,000 attendees and more than 2,000 exhibitors.   

What makes SHOT Show truly special is its ability to showcase the latest firearms, ammunition, outdoor apparel, optics, and tactical gear. This naturally provides attendees with a firsthand look at these crazy advanced products and hopefully showcases emerging trends in the industry.   

However, the SHOT Show is not open to the general public, which naturally forces it to remain focused and a highly professional environment. This solidifies its status as a must-attend event for those in the shooting, hunting, and law enforcement communities.  

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1. ISPO Munich   

Where: Munich, Germany   

When: December 3 – December 5, 2024  

ISPO Munich is the world’s leading trade show for the sports industry.  

Simply put, it’s a big deal.  

ISPO is held annually in Munich. It is well known for its in-depth coverage of the sports market, showcasing the latest in sports equipment, fashion, and sports-driven technology.  

Attendees can explore a vast trade show floor featuring various sporting goods, from outdoor equipment to fitness technology. This event is truly special for its unrivaled role as a global platform for industry professionals to collaborate and hopefully gain valuable insights into emerging sports trends.  

This trade show’s ability to bring together the global sports community under one event roof, combined with its forward-thinking approach, solidifies this event as the top sports and recreation trade show on our list.  

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Well, it’s pretty clear that these events offer something for everyone—from the latest gear and product advancements to thrilling competitions and, of course, the much-needed networking opportunities.   

Whether you’re a dedicated professional seeking industry insight or an enthusiastic hobbyist eager to explore a new sector in sports, these trade shows provide a vibrant arena to celebrate and advance your passion in the sporting world.   

So, we think it’s time to pack your bags, mark your calendars, and get ready to play ball because the world of sports is waiting to welcome you with open arms.   

It’s time for you to explore our top sports and recreation trade shows.  

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