Dos and Don'ts of Office Branding

The Dos and Don’ts of Office Branding

If you do office branding right, it can naturally boost your coworkers’ morale, attract top talent, and leave a lasting impression on potential clients and casual visitors.

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In today’s competitive business world, office branding is more than just slapping your company’s logo on walls and calling it a day. It’s about creating a uniquely memorable workspace that mirrors your company’s values, culture, and, most importantly, personality.  

If you do office branding right, it can naturally boost your coworkers’ morale, attract top talent, and leave a lasting impression on potential clients and casual visitors. However, there are some “dos” and–definitely some “don’ts”–you should keep in mind when venturing on your office brand journey.

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The Dos

Be thoughtful

Before you even start decorating your office space, take the time to analyze what you’re working with. Take the time to deeply and fully understand your brand images and mission statement.  

Ask yourself these questions: What are your brand’s core values, mission, and, most importantly, vision? What sets you apart from your competitors? Your office should reflect all of these questions but with a stylistic approach.  

Understanding your brand and the space is the first step on your office branding journey.  

Choose a Consistent Theme

Consistency is essential to unlocking the most with your office branding and developing a cohesive theme that encompasses your brand’s color, typography, and creative visual elements.  

A consistent theme with your design will keep your office neat and creative. You must ensure this consistent theme is carried through all aspects of your office, from the reception area to meeting rooms to stylized cubicles.  

Consider Culture

Having a positive workplace culture will create a positive work environment and attract the best talent to grow your brand. I highly suggest using your office space to showcase your company culture and aspirations.  

Whether you’re a tech startup with a very laid-back and casual atmosphere or a law firm with a highly disciplined formal environment, you must ensure your space reflects who you are and what it’s like to work with your brand.  

Office culture is one of the most important aspects of your brand. Knowing your culture and reflecting that in the space your employees live will only benefit your brand. 

Include Interactive Elements

Much of the fun of office branding is about using your creativity to set your workspace apart from rival companies. Engage your employees and visitors with creative interactive displays, multimedia presentations, and engaging artwork that can make your office the most memorable environment.

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This might not be something you’re able to do due to budget restraints, but if you can make this happen, it’ll separate you from the pack.  

Prioritize Employee Comfort

Your fellow employees spend a lot of their lives in the office; the least you can do is ensure that employees’ comfort is at an all-time high. Ensuring your employee’s comfort is a top priority will give your company a sense of employee pride.  

To compete in the world of business, your employees need to be treated not like they are expendable but as the stars of the show that is called your brand. Here’s a helpful hint: don’t skimp on the office chairs. Office chairs are a pivotal part of productivity.  

Comfortable furniture, ergonomic workstations, and well-lit areas are essential to rebuilding your office branding.  

Invest Quality Materials

Investing in quality materials is the difference between making your office branding a success or an unmitigated failure. We highly suggest not cutting corners regarding the materials and finishes you use in your shared working space.  

High-quality furnishings and materials not only look a lot better, but they also last longer, which will save you money in the long run. Don’t be cheap on certain elements of this office rebuild, this being one of them. 

The Don’ts

Ignore Employee Input

As you build a space that both yourself and your workforce can call your office home, the worst thing you can do as you manage this rebuild is deny your coworkers a say in how they like their space.  

Your employees are your best brand ambassadors. Don’t ignore their input. In fact, seeking their feedback and involving them in decision-making is key to creating a working environment involving your entire working community.  

Overdo it

It’s imperative to showcase your brand, but don’t overdo it.  

Too much branding can overwhelm and distract from the space itself, so a balance between your brand identity and a functional workspace is a must when creating your new work environment. Keeping it simple yet stylish and practical is the way to formulate your shared space.  

Write-off Flexibility

As your business or brand evolves, so should your office space. Don’t create a static environment that can’t adapt to the changing business climate and needs.  

Consider flexible layouts and furniture to accommodate the potential growth and change your company will naturally go through. The ability to move furniture and other office staples around while keeping a sleek and elegant look is a must in office culture.  

Ignoring flexibility with the space at hand could frustrate many of your employees. You want them to stay in the office instead of going to the local coffee shop.  

Forget To Maintain

You could do all this work to make your office branding a huge success, all to have it squandered due to forgetting to maintain.

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An attractive office can lose its appeal if it’s improperly maintained. A helpful hint to making this easier for you is to ensure that your branding elements, furniture, and finishers are easy to clean.  

By having your staff treat your shared space like it’s their own home with the necessary upkeep, you’ve set your office branding ahead of your competition.  

Neglect Accessibility

Accessibility is a necessity for ALL of your employees. Make your office space accessible for everyone, regardless of physical abilities. Ensure your branding elements, furniture, and overall layout are inclusive and comply with accessibility standards for everyone.  

Forego Sustainability

In a world that is increasingly more aware of environmental factors, you should consider sustainable design principles in your office branding.  

Picking eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, and design elements that consider our environmental footprint. Simply saying this isn’t important is a falsehood we must escape as a society. 


Effective branding is one of the most powerful tools for creating a positive and long-lasting impression on your coworkers, potential clients, and even the casual visitor.  

By simply following the dos or don’ts, you can create a shared workplace that reflects your brand identity and cultivates a productive and enjoyable working environment for everyone who walks through your doors.  

Remember, office branding isn’t a one-stop shop but an ongoing process that should evolve with your brand and the world.  

Now that you have an outline of Dos and Don’ts, are you ready to transform your office branding into a powerful asset for your company? 

The Trade Group is a full-service trade show and event marketing company. We will work with you to create an office environment that brings in leads and helps you achieve your business goals. Contact us here or give us a call at 972-734-8585.     

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