The Natural Products Expo

Sierra Reed:
Welcome to The Bottom Line at TTG. I’m here with Mal and Hillary, and today we’re going to discuss the Natural Products Expo. Hillary, what’s been your experience with food and beverage shows in general?

Hillary Hancock:
I’ve been working in the food and beverage industry for five or more years now. I mean, everything from NRA, IBBE, natural product shows, fancy foods, you kind of name it in the food industry I’ve done it. And I’ve worked with clients that need chef prep stations, ovens, fridges, offsite storage, everything that you need to make sure that a food show runs well. We’ve coordinated with them and everything has always runs smoothly.

Hillary, what makes the Natural Products Expo unique?

So the Natural Products Expo happens twice a year, there’s one in the east and the west. Out in the east it’s in Philly in the fall, and then the west is in Anaheim in the spring. I think what makes it really great is especially national products west, how big the show is. So there’s 10 different halls, so whether you’re a huge exhibitor or you’re just a small 10 by 10 trying to get your product out there, there’s a space for you. And these buyers that are there have the opportunity to see everyone, so no one’s kind of pushed off, you’re too small you can still go to the show and make a big splash.

And now from an exhibit standpoint, what design trends are you seeing?

Well I think everybody coming out of COVID and especially the food industry was hit really hard because those were spring shows, so it’s almost like two straight years of missed events, so I think there’s a lot of pent up excitement and demand. So I think a lot of people are going to be looking to make a big splash at the very first event. And I think what you’re going to see though is in the context of making that big splash, still trying to keep cost down as much as possible. So what we’re seeing in the industry right now, we’re seeing a lot of people going to fabrics that lower the weight and help improve freight trayage and labor costs to keep those as low as we possibly can. We’re also seeing back lighting be incorporated more than ever, and oftentimes the back lighting options incorporate those fabric elements as well, so it kind of ties in together.

Why should an exhibitor work with The Trade Group and what’s the bottom line?

The Trade Group as a whole for over 30 years has been working in the food industry, but me personally about five plus years, and our design team is absolutely amazing. I mean, we win awards for our designs all the time, and to be able to incorporate things that the food and beverage shows need, a chef prep stations and ovens and freezers and fridges, those get to be taking up a lot of space in the booth, but we work with our designers to make sure that we still have cool, awesome, eye catching elements, but still incorporate those necessities to make sure that the food and beverage show functions well.

Yeah. And great design is a huge part of it. But I think the bottom line is NPE this year is going to be a really exciting event. You might have attendance down slightly, but the quality of the attendee that we’re seeing across all industries right now is at an all time high, and I think you’re going to have an amazing event this year.

Thanks Mal and Hillary. And thanks again for joining this edition of The Bottom Line and we’ll see you next time.

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