Tips for Exhibit Installation

7 Tips for a Smooth Exhibit Installation

Exhibit setup days are crucial to your success at your next event. With so much pressure on this specific step, we want to ease your mind.

When you initially get ready for your next trade show event, you often get caught up in the stuff you like, such as trade show booth design, creating marketing materials, or even the stuff that HAS to get done, such as booking hotel rooms for loyal staff members. Still, sometimes, we need to remember the crucial days of exhibit setup. 

These exhibit setup days are crucial to your success at your next event. With so much pressure on this specific step, we want to ease your mind. 

Today, we will dive into seven tips for making your life much easier while you prepare for your next trade show event.  

These are the seven tips for a smooth exhibit installation.  

#1 Be Timely on ALL FORMS 

In general, one of the keys to a smooth exhibit installation is to be timely. You should be completing all your service forms on time.  

This should go without saying, but pay close attention to all those due dates. Moreover, most forms have early bird deadlines, which will allow you to save a lot of money if you complete these forms early. 

Saving money right off the bat could pay dividends in the long run.  

Another aspect you should consider is if you require outside labor in installing your next trade show installation, be sure you use the exhibitor-appointed contact form, and as we stated, be sure it’s completed by the deadline, which is usually 90 days out of your event.  

Be organized with all the paperwork that needs to be completed and do it promptly. This tip could make or break your next installation. 

#2 Use Shipping Logic 

The most critical aspect of shipping is if you’ve decided to coordinate your shipping, we highly suggest you use a provider with experience delivering to trade shows. 

With this being said, there are many rules and delivery restrictions to keep in mind, so your shipping partner must know all the specific details, or, unfortunately, you might pay for their blunders.   

Use shipping logic while deciding the best option for you throughout your exhibit installation. This could make or break your next show altogether. 

#3 Understand Union Labor Rules 

Another aspect you should consider is labor laws at each convention center.  

You might naturally think I’ve got a pop-up booth and can walk right onto the convention center floor with no problem, but that isn’t the case. However, in certain states, union labor rules will limit what can be carried onto the convention floor and set up by an exhibitor.  

This also applies to any technical aspects of your presentation.  

We certainly don’t want you to be taken by surprise, but it’s always important to be prepared and educated on the matter.  

#4 Move in Times 

Be very aware of your move-in times. Most large trade shows will tell you that you can begin moving your exhibit freight onto the trade show floor, but these rules are strictly enforced. If, for whatever reason, you require an early move-in time, check with your upcoming show for special permission.  

It’s not guaranteed, but most convention centers will attempt to cater to those specific needs.  

#5 Paperwork in Your Hand 

This might sound like an obvious tip but don’t forget your paperwork. Time and time again, people show up to the venue without paperwork in hand. This can be the ultimate headache while prepping for your event.  

Forgetting your paperwork could slow up the exhibit setup, potentially costing you clients at your event.  

On this same note, you should also bring copies of all your show forms; you never know when you will need to reference them or even proof of them being submitted. This is key to being organized during this process.  

Another important document you should consider is your setup instructions. Having this document ready could save you time on the trade show floor. It’s also important you get a set of instructions from the setup team.  

In addition to this, you should also have a copy of your electrical layout in hand. Electricals are usually laid out before your event, so if the electrical layout is in your packing supplies, it won’t do you any good.  

You won’t know until it’s way too late to make a change, so we highly suggest having that electrical layout ready.  

You should also have a copy of your exhibit positioning if needed. 

Mostly, this is for island booths. Booth orientation is the direction in which the exhibit is facing. Overall, this is incredibly important to your booth positioning on the floor. This orientation paperwork will show the surrounding booth numbers so your team will know what direction to install the exhibit, which is obviously very important. 

#6 Supervision 

It would help if you considered hiring a labor supervisor during your next event. Your exhibit house coordinates your installation and dismantles. However, the hired crew might not know or understand your specific exhibit. 

You should consider hiring an exhibit supervisor from your exhibit house. These are the same people who set your exhibit up prior to your appearance on the trade show floor, so they should know all the ins and outs of your specific exhibit.  

This can ultimately save you money and hopefully avoid any costly confusion.  

#7 Communication is Key 

Communicate with your trade show venue to coordinate all these important details.  

Communication throughout this process is key for your eventual success. Most trade show venues will help you complete all the necessary forms and facilitate shipping. 

From top to bottom, communication throughout this process can ensure a smooth exhibit installation.  

By following these easy-to-understand tips, you will have a smooth exhibit installation. With the exhibit installation going as smoothly as possible, this will allow you to focus on the most important aspect of your trade show experience, which is getting those all-important leads. 

Good luck, and here’s to a smooth exhibit installation. 

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