Trade Shows in Houston 2024

Top 10 Trade Shows in Houston 2024

Houston is renowned for its unique blend of Southern charm and cosmopolitan flair. As the saying goes, just like in Texas, everything is bigger in Houston – and so are its trade shows.

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 This Texas city is genuinely out of this world.  

Houston is renowned for its unique blend of Southern charm and cosmopolitan flair. As the saying goes, just like in Texas, everything is bigger in Houston – and so are its trade shows. 

Another profound aspect of Houston is its diversity; it’s a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and languages, making it one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States. 

 Its dynamic food scene reflects its cultural richness, ranging from authentic Tex-Mex and barbecue to international gourmet experiences. 

The city’s arts scene is equally vibrant, boasting an array of museums, galleries, and theaters, highlighted by the Museum District and the Houston Theater District.  

Houston offers lush parks and green spaces, like the Buffalo Bayou, which provides a refreshing contrast to its bustling urban landscape. All these elements combine to make Houston a uniquely inviting and dynamic city. 

This uniquely inviting and dynamic city offers our backdrop for expo events and trade shows alike. 

Let’s dive into the top 10 trade shows in Houston.  

 10. The Image Expo 

When: October 27- October 28, 2024 

Where: George R. Brown Convention Center 

The Image Expo is considered one of the most popular trade shows in Houston. Over several thousand cosmetologists are flocking to the Houston area to make their mark on one of the world’s most popular beauty trade shows.  

Within a 200-mile radius of Houston are over 500,000 licensed cosmetologists. Making this event central to nails, hair, skin, and makeup aesthetics. With over 7,000 attendees, you are bound to have a network experience that’ll take your beauty brand to the next level. 

 9. IDDBA 

When: June 9-11 

Where: George R. Brown Center 

IDDBA is known as the International Dairy Deli Bakery Expo.  

IDDBA is the largest industry-only show for the dairy, deli, bakery, and food service industry.  

With over 10,000 attendees and 800-plus exhibitors filling the trade show floor, you’re bound to be immersed in food service. 

The clientele of this event is a wide array of industry professionals such as manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers. This expo event is profoundly important to the world of food service and an interesting one to attend. 

8. ILTA Expo 

When: May 7- May 8 

Where: George R Brown Convention Center 

The ILTA EXPO is the International Liquid Terminals Association’s International Operating Conference and Trade Show. This trade show is a significant event in the liquid terminal industry.  

For some of us who don’t know what a “liquid terminal” is, these are often found in ports or industrial areas; these terminals are specialized facilities designed for storing and handling various liquid products. These products range from oil, petroleum, and chemicals to edible liquids like vegetable oils. 

ILTA Expo serves as a pivotal platform for industry professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the issues affecting terminal facilities.  

 7. Texas Association of School Business Officials 

When: February 12- February 16 

Where: George R Brown Convention Center 

The Texas Association of School Business Officials is a major and important educational event that caters specifically to education professionals involved in managing the business aspects of schools and school districts in Texas.  

This pivotal event aims to equip school business officials with the necessary tools to efficiently manage school finances and operations. This is obviously a contributing factor to the overall improvement of the education system in Texas.  

 If you’re in Education in Texas, this is a significant event you must attend. 

 6. Hydrogen Technology Expo 

When: June 26- June 27 

Where: NRG Center 

Hydrogen Technology Expo is North America’s leading suppliers’ trade fair and conference for Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.  

This trade show brings together the entire hydrogen value industry to focus on developing practical solutions and exciting innovations for low-carbon hydrogen production. Also, there is a pressing need for efficient storage and distribution of Hydrogen. 

 5. Commodity Classic 

When: February 28- March 2 

Where: George R. Brown Convention Center 

Dubbed as “America’s Largest Farmer-Led, Farmer-Focused Agricultural and Educational Experience.” 

That pointed description of this expo event couldn’t be more correct.  

The Commodity Classic is a premier agricultural conference and trade show focusing on attracting farmers and agricultural professionals. The Commodity Classic’s main goal is to foster innovation and progress in the agricultural sector. 

 4. NAPE Summit Week 

When: February 7-9 

Where: George R Brown Convention Center 

NAPE is otherwise known as the North American Prospect Expo. 

NAPE is an annual event of an important gathering of professionals in the energy industry, serving as a marketplace for the buying, selling, and trading of prospects and producing properties.  

NAPE is notable and unique for combining the worlds of renewable energy sources and bitcoin mining alongside its traditional oil and gas offerings, positioning NAPE as a comprehensive venue for energy deals.  

 3. Offshore Technology Conference 

When: May 6-9  

Where: NRG Center 

The Offshore Technology Conference in Houston is a premier global event for the exchange of technical knowledge and innovations in the offshore energy sector. Offshore Technology Conference mainly focuses on the latest advancements in drilling, exploration, and production of equipment and leans heavily into environmental protection.  

 The truth is this isn’t just a conference; it’s a pivotal meeting point for global industry leaders to network, learn, and shape the future of offshore energy. 

 2. Breakbulk  

When: October 15-17 

Where: George R. Brown Convention Center 

Breakbulk is the biggest trade show event for project cargo and break bulk in the United States. This event serves as a prominent platform for professionals in the project cargo and breakbulk industry to connect, learn, and explore business opportunities.  

The event brings together a wide range of attendees, including cargo owners, ocean carriers, freight forwarders, ports, heavy haulers, equipment companies, and others involved in this specialized industry.  

 1. Gastech 

When: September 17- September 20 

Where: George R Brown Convention Center 

Gastech is a leading global forum and expo event dedicated to the gas, Hydrogen, and energy industry.  

This incredibly prestigious event brings together professionals, energy experts, and industry key players from around the world to discuss and showcase the latest developments, innovations, and unpredictable trends in the energy sector. 

In 2024, Gastech’s primary focus is taking decisive action to accelerate a shared, global vision for the energy sector in Houston. This conference couldn’t have asked for a better host city; Houston is famed for solving the world’s toughest energy challenges.

This uniquely Texas city offers its visitors an expansive list of trade show and expo options.  

As we all know, Houston is known for its bigger-than-life Space program, but it can also be equally proud of its diverse and larger-than-life expo events.  

As you’ve seen from the list above, these events have an extraordinary range from the Dairy industry to Education to all important Energy sectors of the great state of Texas. 

With this diverse and wide range of options, the truth is if you’re looking for your industry and a way to build your brand, Houston could be the Texas city for you. 

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