Trade Shows in Nashville in 2024

Top 10 Trade Shows in Nashville in 2024

The Music City is a place where the strumming of guitars and the soulful melodies of country music legends echo through the streets, creating a rhythm that pulses through the city’s veins.

Welcome to Nashville, Tennessee.  

This bustling metropolis, steeped in rich history and cultural heritage, invites visitors and locals alike to bask in its warm Southern charm.  

From the legendary stages of the Grand Ole Opry to the bustling honky-tonks of Broadway, Nashville offers a symphony of experiences that blend tradition with modern flair, making every moment spent in this city an unforgettable melody of life’s finest tunes. 

But have you thought about how Nashville can be a brand builder? Surprisingly, with all its sweet music, Nashville has become a hub for innovation and networking.  

Get ready to jump into Nashville’s top 10 trade shows in 2024!

Top 10 Trade Shows in Nashville in 2024


When: February 25 – February 28 

Where: Gaylord Opryland Convention Center 

EXHIBITORLIVE is an expo event in the trade show and corporate event marketing industry.  

This event is a pivotal gathering in North America for professionals in the marketing field. It is renowned as the continent’s largest exhibit hall of trade show products and services, which attracts a huge audience of around 6000 trade show and corporate event professionals.  

EXHIBITORLIVE also highlights new products and services, providing a glimpse into the future of event marketing.  

As you can imagine, the atmosphere is electric at this expo event, filled with the buzz of new ideas and the excitement of discovery, making it an essential destination for those seeking to stay at the forefront of the trade show and event marketing industry.  

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9. American Association of Airport Executives  

When: April 28 – May 1 

Where: Music City Center 

The 9th annual American Association of Airport Executives expo is a significant event in the airport industry.  

This year’s expo has an interesting theme, “Taking Flight Towards a New Horizon,” this four-day event is a cornerstone for education and networking in the aviation sector.  

The conference offers unmatched educational opportunities, presenting the most up-to-date information on industry rules and regulations under one expo roof.  

It is a critical platform for senior, mid-level, and entry-level airport executives to gain a substantive and thoughtful review of the airport industry.  

With more than 2,000 attendees, 97% of whom have buying power, and a reach extending to 850 airports through conference marketing, this years event promises significant opportunities for both learning and business development in the aviation field. 

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8. National Religious Broadcasters  

When: February 20 – February 23 

Where: Gaylord Opryland Convention Center 

This is the premier event for Christian communicators and media professionals. This convention brings together a diverse and wide array of participants, including broadcasters, pastors, media experts, and content creators from across the globe, with one common goal: to preach the Word of God.  

That being said, this event is notable for its emphasis on how media can be used to spread Christian messages and values, offering a unique blend of spiritual inspiration, professional development, and technological innovation. 

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7. Connex 

When: April 7 – April 10  

Where: Gaylord Opryland Convention Center 

Connex is a highly anticipated event in the facilities management industry.  

It is organized by ConnexFM, the leading association in this sector, and aims to provide educational and networking opportunities within the industry. It is the industry’s most significant trade show for professionals dealing with multi-site facilities.  

One of the more interesting aspects of this conference is that the 2024 conference is set to spotlight skilled trades and features special guest and TV personality, Mike Rowe, known for his work in promoting the skilled trades and labor industry. 

On the flip side, attendees can explore over 350 booths, offering various services and products such as general maintenance, handyperson services, lighting solutions, and various trades. It should also be known that this event offers best-in-class education sessions and networking events tailored specifically for retail facilities professionals. 

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6. Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Expo 

When: February 13 – February 15 

Where: Music City Center 

This event is significant in the hearth, patio, and barbecue industries.  

This event stands out for its niche focus, catering specifically to barbecue technology, fireplaces, chimneys, accessories, and outdoor living. It is a vital platform for retailers, buyers, manufacturers, and suppliers to connect and strengthen their businesses in a dynamic market.   

It’s a well-attended event, reflecting Nashville’s capacity to draw high participation, and is seen as a must-attend for anyone involved in the hearth, patio, or barbecue industries. 

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5. The Car Wash Show 

When: May 13 – May 15 

Where: Music City Center 

This expo event is recognized as the premier gathering for owners, managers, and decision-makers from the industry’s car wash, quick lube, and car detailing segments.  

It’s the ultimate destination for discovering new products and trends and making connections crucial for success in the rapidly growing car wash industry. It also provides vital information and products to car wash operators, aiding their business development. 

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4. American Correctional Association 

When: August 15 – August  

Where: Music City Center 

This expo event is significant in the corrections and criminal justice field. This important event attracts a diverse audience of professionals, including correctional officers, administrators, policymakers, and service providers. 

What makes this conference particularly interesting is its comprehensive approach to addressing the challenges in the corrections sector. It offers insights into innovative practices, policy developments, and emerging trends.  

This gathering is pivotal for those involved in or affected by the correctional system. 

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3. World of Asphalt  

When: March 25 – March 27  

Where: Music City Center 

This unique trade show offers a significant gathering for asphalt professionals and contractors, offering a comprehensive experience across multiple aspects like aggregates, asphalt maintenance, paving, business operations, hauling, portable power, and technology solutions.  

This truly is a world for anyone involved in this wildly unique and practical industry. In fact, the conference features an extensive exhibitor directory with over 400 manufacturers presenting a wide range of equipment and products.  

So, the possibility of coming to this event and leaving with valuable information is unrivaled. 

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2. Global Surgical Conference and Expo 

When: May 9 – May 12 

Where: Music City Center 

This is the premier event in the field of surgery, which brings together medical professionals from around the world to share insights, innovations, and best practices in surgical care.  

Global Surgical Conference is known for its comprehensive program that includes educational sessions, hands-on workshops, and keynote speeches from renowned experts in various surgical specialties.  

It ultimately serves as a hub for surgeons, nurses, and healthcare professionals to engage in networking opportunities, discuss the latest surgical techniques, and explore new technologies and products in the medical field.  

If you’re in this highly skilled industry, there is no better conference to attend.  

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1. Safari Club International  

When: January 31 – February 3 

Where: Music City Center 

This incredibly popular expo event is gathering for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those interested in hunting and fishing. 

The exhibits focus on specific hunting aspects such as Midwest whitetail hunting, international expeditions, fishing, upland game, and waterfowl hunting. Furthermore, the Safari Club International expo includes more than 20 different auctions—live, silent, daytime, evening, and online.  

These auctions feature a variety of items, such as unique hunting experiences, exceptional firearms, fine art, and jewelry, all donated by renowned outfitters and manufacturers.  

The best part of these auctions is that the proceeds are used to support hunter advocacy and conservation worldwide. 

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Nashville is often known for its rich musical heritage, but as you have seen, it has emerged as a premier destination for trade shows and expos.  

Home to renowned trade show venues like the Music City Center, Nashville offers an unparalleled experience for exhibitors and attendees alike, giving everyone unique opportunities for networking, innovation, and brand growth. 

This city, with its infectious energy and a strong commitment to hospitality, not only captivates the hearts of its visitors but also consistently sets a high standard in hosting successful trade events. 

Now it’s your time to experience the sights and sounds of the Music City. 

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