Convention Centers in Italy

Top Convention Centers in Italy [Updated for 2024]

With Italy’s deep-rooted history on display, we can’t help but think of the arenas of innovation that leap us forward into the future. Just as we touch on this country’s beauty, we will dive deep into the top convention centers in the boot-shaped nation.

Italy is a treasure trove of wonders and beauty, where the past and present merge into one boot-shaped nation.  

From the ancient ruins of Rome and Pompeii, telling the unfortunate tales of a lost empire, to the peaceful canals of Venice and the rolling majestic wine-filled hills of Tuscany. Italy’s vast landscapes are as unique as they are breathtaking.  

Venturing into these Italian cities leaves us with the impression that they are museums under the open southern European skies. At times, you’ll truly believe you’re stuck in a gorgeous painting. 

It should go without any surprise that a lasting impression of beauty goes hand in hand with Italy being the home to some of the world’s most famous pieces of art by artistic legends like Michelangelo and Da Vinci.  

With Italy’s deep-rooted history on display, we can’t help but think of the arenas of innovation that leap us forward into the future. Just as we touch on this country’s beauty, we will dive deep into the top convention centers in the boot-shaped nation.  

This is the Top Convention Centers in Italy. 

Rimini Fiera  

Where: Via Emilia, 155, 47921 Rimini RN, Italy 


Our first Italian convention center is located on the stunning Adriatic coast, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea and shares a boundary with Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

This European coastline is known for its stunning beaches, clear waters, and surprisingly diverse cultural influences from the region. 

So naturally, this northern Italian convention center fits perfectly in the region.  

Rimini Fiera was completed in 2001 and had a major expansion in 2018, which gave the complex an impressive 1,390,000 square feet of trade show floor. It also has a dedicated railway station included, which makes it accessible for any out-of-town trade show goer. Even so, the convention center is currently in a five-year plan to expand even more by 2022. The goal is to add another 97,000 square feet to the exhibit space. 

Not only is this convention center big, but it is looking to get bigger. It’s also located in a beautiful country area and plays host to one of the more fun events in Europe.  

Rimini Fiera annually hosts SIGEP, the world’s leading trade show event for artisan gelato, Italian pastries, and coffee worldwide.  

How delicious!  


Viale del Lavoro, 8, 37135 Verona, VR, Italy


This Italian convention center is approximately 3,229,000 square feet, or, if you want to assimilate into European culture, roughly 984,199 square meters. Within this convention center are 13 pavilion spaces or conference rooms, which are tailor-made spaces available for use.  

This convention center also has a “Congress Center”, an independent structure specifically dedicated to conferences, conventions, b2b and b2c meetings. 

The Congress Center is arranged over three floors and consists of 8 equipment rooms of varied sizes. It also has 1400 seats, which are adjacent to the reception and spacious catering area.  

Interestingly enough, VeronaFiere is the host of the world’s largest wine exhibition. No surprise, right? 

As they say, you can’t be in Italy and not think about wine. 


Viale della Fiera, 20, 40128 Bologna BO, Italy 


BolognaFiere is one of the main convention centers in the Italian exhibition center sector. It extends over 375,000 square meters and includes a beautiful outdoor area. However, the total exhibit-based area is 3,344 meters.  

Twenty pavilions or rooms with five independent entrances allow you to host several different events simultaneously.  

One of the key elements of this convention center is its accessibility. BolognaFiere is the first convention center in Italy with a dedicated toll booth, which allows patrons to enter the trade show directly. With over 14,500 covered parking spaces, you can easily book your spot in advance, alleviating a lot of stress from your already stressful day.  

This convention center hosts a wide array of events, but our personal favorite is the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, one of the leading international events for publishing.  

Fiera di Roma 

Via Portuense, 1645, 00148 Roma RM, Italy 


Opened in 2006, Fiera di Roma is one of Europe’s largest and most important trade show spaces.  

Located in world-famous Rome, the architect Tommaso Valle designed this massive convention center.  

This center consists of 10 rectangular pavilions that double as conference rooms. These rooms have the best technology and a connected walkway, allowing easy access above.  

This convention center allows for versatile meeting space, which gives any participant around 150,000 square meters to work with and 40,000 square meters outside. In particular, the conference center has 13 meeting rooms and 3,000 seats.  

Fiera di Roma can host up to 60,000 eager participants in one event. 

Accessibility to the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport and other public transportation is a huge plus for this convention center.  

Fiera Milano 

Strada Statale Sempione, 28, 20017 Rho MI, Italy 


This space was designed and established in 2005 to replace the city’s old trade show venue, Fieramilanocity. This convention center is considered one of the most modern and largest exhibit centers in Europe. 

This convention center consists of 20 pavilions organized around Corso Italia, the area’s main street. The exhibit areas, various Italian cafes, and other beverage areas cover almost 400,000 square meters.  

In the heart of it all stands the Stella Polare conference center, which highlights a 1,000-plus-seat auditorium.  

Every year, Fiera Milano hosts over 160 conventions and 80 other events in fashion, home, tourism, hospitality, food, art, and even boats. Approximately 36,000 exhibitors and 4.5 million eager patrons attend a conference at this state-of-the-art facility.  

Italy is known for its wine, culture, food, art, and so much more, but it’s become a staple in Europe for its massive exhibitions and trade shows.  

Now that we’ve touched upon some of Italy’s biggest and best convention centers, we hope you can make your next business trip to Italy brand-changing experience.  

It’s your time to experience the boot-shaped nation. 

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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