Largest Trade Shows in the World

Top Ten Largest Trade Shows in the World [Updated for 2024]

We’ve curated a list of the world’s largest shows based on attendance and square footage of exhibit space.

Wondering about what are the largest trade shows in the world?   

We’ve curated a list of the world’s largest shows based on attendance and square footage of exhibit space.  

Each event listed draws millions of attendees each year in and year out. 

We have excluded gaming conventions and conferences. You might be surprised about the largest show… 

Without further ado, this is one of the world’s top ten largest trade shows. 

10. EuroTier Hannover 

When: November 12 – 15  

Where: Hannover, Germany 

EuroTier is a leading international trade show for animal production and the most comprehensive expo event for agricultural technology, specifically in animal husbandry.  

The core focus group that EuroTier caters to are professional farmers and traders.  

The goal of EuroTier is to showcase the most innovative practices in the fields of cattle, pig, poultry, sheep, and farm fishing, with a huge emphasis on renewable energy. The trade show is broken down into different “Thematic areas,” which gives each of these fields of farm animals their own trade show area. For instance, if you work specifically in the poultry sector, there is a specific section delegated to your field of expertise. This makes it easier for you to navigate your particular section.  

If you’re in the animal agriculture industry, there’s no better event in the world to attend.  

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9. AAPEX- Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo 

When: November 5 – 7  

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 

AAPEX is one of the biggest automotive-centric trade shows in the world. 

This popular trade show highlights a wide variety of automotive aftermarket products, vehicle parts, automotive accessories, maintenance items, and the newest technology in the field.  

This expo is unique not only for its extensive range of products and services but also for its educational seminars that address current industry trends. 

Another added aspect of AAPEX is that it’s a co-sponsored event with the SEMA Show. SEMA Show is another automotive trade show, but the key difference is that SEMA is not open to the general public. However, all together, these shows represent the largest gathering of automotive industry professionals in North America. 

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8. Achema 

When: June 10 – 14 

Where: Frankfurt, Germany  

Achema is a Germany-based international trade show focused on process industries such as chemical engineering, environmental protection, biotechnology, and process analytics.  

Achema promises to be an exclusive networking event for everyone in the processing industry. For 52% of eager visitors, Achema is the only trade show they’ll attend, which obviously makes this an incredibly popular networking event.  

This trade show is distinguished by its integration of a scientific congress within the expo, which allows industry professionals to exchange deep technical knowledge.  

This combination highlights technological advancements and addresses current challenges and future industry opportunities, making Achema an important gathering for scientists and engineers from around the world. 

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7. Sirha- International Hotel, Catering & Food Trade Show 

When: January 23 – 27 

Where: Lyon, France 

Sirha, the International Hotel, Catering & Food Trade Show, is a European event that brings together professionals from the hospitality and food service industries from all over the globe. 

Held every other year in Lyon, France, Sirha stands out due to its in-depth showcase of the latest trends in food service and the wild world of hospitality.  

There’s no better place in the world to be surrounded by food service and hospitality professionals. 

Sirha is unique in its vast number of international hospitality exhibitors, live demonstrations, and cooking competitions, including the prestigious Bocuse d’Or and Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie. These competitions attract the world’s top and pastry chefs, creating an atmosphere where culinary excellence is celebrated and showcased.  

If you’re in the culinary world, this is the event of the year. 

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6. Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibit 

When: June 9 – 12 

Where: Guangzhou, China 

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is the largest and most in-depth lighting event in Asia. In fact, last year alone, the trade show attracted over two hundred thousand patrons to this important conference. 

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibit is celebrated for its extensive showcase of lighting innovations. This event is unique due to its scale and diversity of products and services. Thousands of exhibitors from around the globe display a wide variety of lighting products, from commercial and residential to the ever-popular LED technology and smart lighting solutions.  

As you can imagine, this event includes insightful educational conferences and seminars led by the premier lighting experts discussing the future of lighting technology.  

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When: September 30 – October 3 

Where: Paris, France 

BATIMAT, otherwise known as the Building and Interiors Trade Show. 

This event stands out as a premier trade show in the construction industry.  

This Paris-based expo draws professionals worldwide, including high-profile architects, eager builders, and creative designers, to showcase the latest products in building and interior design.  

What makes BATIMAT special is its comprehensive focus on the entire construction sector, which offers new materials and technologies and a platform for influential experts to discuss industry trends and challenges that bog the industry down.  

This high-powered event facilitates a blend of practical construction demonstrations, interactive workshops, and expert-led conferences, providing attendees with hands-on experiences and invaluable networking opportunities.  

This multifaceted approach makes BATIMAT the key destination and event for professionals seeking to stay ahead in the ever-changing construction landscape. 

If you’re a builder, designer, or even new to the construction sector, this is a must-attend event.  

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4. Automechanika Shanghai 

When: December 2 – December 5  

Where: Shanghai, China 

Automechanika Shanghai is one of the world’s largest trade shows for the automotive service industry. This event is located in Shanghai, in the heart of China, attracting 185,000 eager visitors from 177 countries and regions worldwide. 

This trade show offers a comprehensive showcase of the latest products across the automotive ecosystem. What truly makes this event unique is its vast scale and the diversity of participants it attracts, including OEMs, aftermarket manufacturers, distributors, buyers, and many other industry professionals from around the globe.  

The event touches upon a few key elements of the automotive world, such as parts and components, electronics and systems, accessories and customizing, repair and maintenance, management and digital solutions, and car wash and overall care.  

This wide range of automotive topics provides attendees with insights into the current industry and facilitates an environment ripe for networking and hopefully making key business deals. 

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3. Chicago Auto Show  

When: February 6 – February 17 

Where: Chicago, Illinois USA 

The Chicago Auto Show stands out as one of the top trade shows in the world and one of the most important auto shows in the United States. Chicago Auto Show is known for its impressive scale and obvious historical significance. The Chicago Auto Show has been around since 1901 and is one of the world’s oldest car shows.  

The Chicago Auto Show is held annually at the McCormick Place Convention Center; on the scale, this is the largest auto show in North America, with over 1 million square feet of the trade show floor.  

What sets the Chicago Auto Show apart is not just the size of the event but its penchant for innovation and interactive experiences.  

Visitors worldwide can participate in indoor test tracks and outdoor ride-and-drive events, allowing patrons to experience the latest vehicles in a dynamic setting.  

The show’s timing in February often aligns with the unveiling of numerous new car models and concept vehicles, making it a pivotal event in the industry’s calendar. 

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2. National Farm Machinery Show 

When: February 12 – February 15 

Where: Louisville, Kentucky USA 

The National Farm Machinery Show, held annually in Louisville, Kentucky, is the largest indoor farm show in the United States.  

This event uniquely combines the most comprehensive selection of agricultural products, equipment, and services in the farming industry.  

What sets it apart is its scale and interactive nature. It features live demonstrations of farming technology, including high-performance tractors, chemicals, and automation tools.  

Farmers and agricultural professionals from across the country attend to gain firsthand knowledge on everything farm.  

The show also includes seminars led by experts on various agribusiness topics, providing attendees with valuable insights into the future of farming.  

This blend of innovation, education, and industry networking makes the National Farm Machinery Show the most important show for its industry. 

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1. Washington Auto Show 

When: January 31 – February 9 

Where: Washington D.C. USA 

The Washington Auto Show stands out as the best automotive event in the world. This event celebrates its unique blend of policy influence and public engagement.  

Held every year in Washington, D.C., this trade show is distinguished by its emphasis on public policy in the automotive industry.  

In fact, the Washington Auto Show features a unique “Public Policy Day,” where policymakers, industry leaders, and the media come together to discuss regulations, safety, and environmental impacts, which is not normally what happens at most auto shows.  

Its focus on policy and aspects of technology integration, set against the backdrop of our nation’s capital, makes it an exceptional event in the auto industry calendar. This impact alone is enough reason to attend this conference. 

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These are the biggest and best trade shows in the world.  

This is a prime opportunity for you to grow your brand and experience a side of your industry that you might not have been at the forefront of your mind.  

We hope you get the opportunity to experience these innovation arenas. 

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