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On this episode of the Bottom Line, TTG’s photographer, Chris, joins Sierra to discuss the unique and high-quality video services The Trade Group provides.

If you prefer to read instead of watching our short video, here is the transcript of the conversation between Sierra Reed and Chris Skupien on the kinds of video services The Trade Group provides:

Sierra: Hey everyone, welcome to The Bottom Line at TTG. I’m here with Chris and today we’re going to talk about our video services, so Chris, we’ve seen all of your work on our bottom lines. So what do you do for TTG? 

Chris: So what I do is basically all of the photo and video work for The Trade Group, so that means everything from photographing our finished projects to documenting projects as they progress. I do these bottom line videos and then we put together some case studies. For some of the cooler projects that we do, just going to show off their capabilities and what’s going on out in the warehouse.

Sierra: What’s one that you’ve done recently? 

Chris: The big one recently is a video I’m still working on editing was at Bitcoin. You know, we did several bottom line videos that Bitcoin, but we’re working on a case study to really kind of show it off. I was out there for 9 days and I’ve left before they even dismantled, so there’s a ton of footage out there. A lot of really high-quality work and really cool stuff that I just can’t wait to show off to people. 

Sierra: Yeah, awesome. And how do you work with our clients on video production? 

Chris: So we offer a kind of a variety of video services and usually what that looks like is it’ll be videos for boots, right? So if they have a TV monitor in their booze, which is pretty popular, it’s a good way to add kind of motion a little bit more information than static graphics. And so I can put together those videos either using what they already have as far as material or shooting material. Yeah, we were showing off what they’re doing out there. There was one Farmhouse Fresh, a client that was had an opportunity with QVC to do live streaming, showing off their products on QVC. So we went out and said help them set up a studio with equipment and lights and all of that. So that’s been really cool as well. There’s kind of a lot of different options, and it just really depends on the problem they’re trying to solve. Because video is not the best at conveying facts, you can have a spreadsheet and if you put that into a video, people are waiting on each line like that’s not the best move on exactly.  People absorb facts at their own pace. What video is good at is communicating energy, brand style, and personality right? So it’s really more about communicating a feeling more than facts. You know, capturing an event and making people feel like they were there, or you know storytelling videos where someone is on camera telling a story and explaining things that you can’t get in text ’cause you hear it in their voice.

Sierra: For sure And I always say that facts tell stories sell so anytime you’re just spitting off facts about your company, the services, all that good stuff glazed over eyes is what you’re going to see. So I’m so glad you’re talking about the storytelling part about the videos. So I’m asking, what’s the bottom line? 

Chris: So like you said, there’s a difference between facts and stories, and stories are what connects people to both your company, your product and to you personally, right? I mean so there’s a lot of power in video that like I said, it’s not perfect for everything, but for some applications you want to communicate energy and personality and feeling nothing can do that better than video. And it’s something that I really enjoy getting to be a part of and bring to our clients. 

Sierra: Great thanks so much for today and thanks everyone for joining this session of the bottom line at TTG and we’ll see you next time. 

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