Airstream Retrofit: In The Shop

In this episode of The Bottom Line, join Mike Gilvar, Mike Graziani, and Pete Adauto as they talk the Airstream Retrofit project for Suntory.

If you prefer to read instead of watching our short video, here is the transcript of the conversation on the airstream retrofit between Mike Gilvar, Mike Graziani, and Pete Adauto:

Mike Gilvar: Thanks everybody for joining this session of The Bottom Line with TTG. I’m here with Pete and Mike today, and we’re gonna be talking about the Airstream that just came in, that we’re gonna be converting… Hey, Graz, who is this for and what are they using it for?

Mike Graziani: Hey Mike, yeah, this is for a long-time client of the trade groups, this is for Sun Fire nurseries, and this is going to be used primarily for trade shows, so we’re actually gonna roll this right into the trade show hall and park it on the exhibit floor space, but then in a more minor role, it will be used at various outdoor activations and so forth.

Mike Gilvar: Great, and Pete, what do we have? What is this thing? It looks very shiny.

Pete Adauto: Yeah. So what you can see behind us is we have a 1970 land yacht Airstream trailer, we’ve just had it polished and delivered here and we’re eager to get to work on it.

Mike Gilvar: Great. Walk us around. Tell us a little bit about what we’re looking at.

Pete Adauto: So one of the main things, obviously, is the shape of the Airstream as far as the roundness of it and a shininess of it. As you can see, we’ve got a lot of work, we’re gonna be taking out the windows, cleaning those up, we’re going to be repainting a lot of the frame up front, propane tanks, we got new tires, new bearings, all that stuff will be new on it, and we’re basically gonna refurbish this thing to get it roadworthy, to get it out on the road and attend the trade show.

Mike Gilvar: Cool, what does it look like inside? Can you take us in?

Pete Adauto: Yes. So inside, you can see it’s basically gutted down to the bottom. There is no restroom, there is no seating area, what we’ll be doing is putting in a new hardwood flooring, building some cabinets and some floor seating and meeting room access with some TVs. We’ll have some wi-fi access and a refrigerator for some beverages and things of that nature.

Mike Gilvar: That’s great. So Graz, explain what we’re gonna be looking at once this thing is done.

Mike Graziani: Well, we’re gonna have kind of like how Pete said, it’s gonna be fully branded on the interior. We’re gonna have a couple of different areas in there. A really nice meeting area with Wi-Fi set up and full monitor support, then we’re gonna have a nice little lounge space right at the entrance way in there, and then on the exterior, we’re gonna have a full retractable awning and we’re gonna have full graphics on the exterior of the unit, so we’re gonna do wraps on both sides of it. We’re still gonna preserve a lot of that nice shiny finish but we’re just gonna do some selective areas with external branding, so as it’s traveling down the road, you’re gonna know who it is.

Mike Gilvar: Great, and so Pete, when we picked it up, I assume they did a lot of work to the outside already.

Pete Adauto: Yes, we’re looking at probably around 70 to… Anywhere between 75 and 100 hours total on the outside already doing the polishing, then we also added a ceramic coating to the outside of that to preserve that polishing.

Mike Gilvar: Great. Well, it looks awesome, so Graz, what’s the bottom line today?

Mike Graziani: Oh, it’s gonna be a fantastic project, and I think this is one of those types of units that is going to have a tremendous, tremendous life span well into the next few years beyond COVID, and it’s gonna be a fantastic addition to these folks’ marketing campaigns.

Mike Gilvar: Awesome, well I’m excited to see how it progresses. Thanks, you guys. And thanks everybody for joining this session of The Bottom Line at TTG, and we’ll see you all soon.

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