Custom Hanging Signs

Custom Trade Show Hanging Signs

Custom hanging signs boost your brand’s visibility, help you take advantage of vertical space, and help prospects remember your brand.

Trade show hanging signs offer a trifecta of benefits: 

  • Greater visibility 
  • Using all of the space above your exhibit 
  • Increased name recognition and retention

By capitalizing on the often-overlooked vertical space, your hanging sign acts as a beacon amidst the sea of exhibits, drawing attention and fostering brand recall. 

This strategic addition ensures your booth stands out in a crowded venue and maximizes the potential for engagement and conversation, making it an indispensable tool for trade show success. 

Boost Your Brand’s Visibility 

Custom Hanging Signs

When prospects walk onto a crowded show floor, they are immediately hit with sensory overload.

They feel the cold air conditioning blasting from the vents. 

They smell coffee wafting in the air. 

They hear sales pitches or conversations between colleagues from every direction. 

They see exhibit walls blocking their view on every side… until they look up. 

Looking upwards provides an overwhelmed attendee with a helpful cheat sheet for the show floor plan. 

Company logos displayed prominently on hanging signs are great for wayfinding, giving prospects a shortcut to your booth. 

Incorporating hanging signs into your exhibit strategy significantly enhances visibility amidst a crowded event space. 

When attendees scan the exhibition hall, your hanging sign will catch their attention from afar, distinguishing your booth from the myriad others. 

When everyone in the room is competing for attention, a prominent hanging sign serves as a guide, drawing potential clients and customers toward your display. 

Take Advantage of Vertical Space 

Traditional booth setups often underutilize the vertical space available. 

Capitalize on this often-neglected area by placing a hanging sign above your exhibit. 

This expands the physical footprint of your display and ensures that your branding message is visible from various angles throughout the venue. 

Purchasing space on the show floor is expensive. 

Inkwell Global Marketing says, “On average, it costs about $100-$150 per square foot of floor space. A 10×10 booth space will cost around $14,000, with a total budget of $42,000. Larger 20×20 spaces cost up to $20,000, with a total budget of $60,000”. 

The larger the booth space, the higher your expenses. 

Taking advantage of that vertical space is a sure-fire way to get the most bang out of your buck. 

Hanging signs help increase the impact of your exhibit without paying for a larger footprint or a more prime position, which can significantly lower costs. 

You’re making the most out of every inch of available space, optimizing your presence, and making it impossible for attendees to overlook your booth. 

Help Prospects Remember Your Brand 

Custom Hanging Signs

A hanging sign serves as a powerful tool for brand reinforcement.

Prominently featuring your company name and logo on the sign, you imprint your brand identity into attendees’ minds. 

As visitors navigate the exhibition floor, your hanging sign acts as a visual cue, triggering the recall of your brand long after they’ve left the event. 

This subconscious association fosters familiarity and trust, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion in the future. 

In essence, your hanging sign becomes a tangible manifestation of your brand, leaving a lasting impression. 

There are as many options for hanging signs are there are exhibits.  

No matter your specifications or preferences, hanging signs complement a stand-out trade show exhibit perfectly.   

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