NRF Protect 2024 Dates

NRF Protect 2024 Dates

NRF Protect stands out as the exclusive retail gathering uniting cross-functional teams overseeing loss prevention, asset protection, digital fraud, and cybersecurity. This event facilitates the exchange of invaluable insights and essential strategies crucial to your organization’s success.

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Long Beach, CA – The NRF Protect show is coming to Long Beach, CA, bringing together retail industry experts throughout the US. The new NRF Protect dates are June 4th – 6th, 2024.  

Your passion for the retail industry is undeniable; it’s a way of life. However, security concerns can disrupt your peace of mind. You’re constantly concerned about safeguarding your inventory from shoplifters, your data from website breaches, and ensuring the safety of both your customers and employees.

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NRF Protect 2023 was designed with individuals like you in mind. They bring together retail industry experts specializing in loss prevention, asset protection, digital fraud, and cyber risk – all in one place. Attendees had the opportunity to acquire the most up-to-date strategies for addressing specific security threats and to adopt a comprehensive security approach, rather than a fragmented one.  

According to NRF’s website, over 80% of the attendees hold positions with influence over their organizations’ purchasing decisions.  

NRF recognizes the vital collaboration of security teams in safeguarding organizations from threats. That’s precisely why NRF Protect encompasses comprehensive content encompassing all facets of retail security.  

The NRF Protect expo is known for being sold out, so reserve your booth now. Connect with retail security leaders. Be sure to check out the resources for your exhibit strategy.  

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