Trade Shows in New York

Top 10 Trade Shows in New York

This list of the top 10 trade shows in New York will offer unparalleled opportunities for your brand and you.

New York hosts some of the most influential trade shows in the world. These events attract the brightest industry leaders, eager entrepreneurs, and professionals looking to make their mark in whatever industry they come from.  

This list of the top 10 trade shows in New York will offer unparalleled opportunities for your brand and you.

10. International Contemporary Furniture Fair 

Where: Javits Center, NYC 

When: May 18 – 20 2025 

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair is North America’s leading trade show or exhibition for contemporary furniture design.  

This wildly interesting trade show stands out for its in-depth look into the most cutting-edge furniture, lighting, and home accessories from over 700 exhibitors.  

What makes the International Contemporary Furniture Fair unique is its mix of high-end commercial products and innovative designs from established brands and emerging talents.  

This event attracts architects, interior designers, and design enthusiasts who seek the latest inspirations.  

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9. International Beauty Show  

Where: Javits Convention Center 

When: March 23 – 25, 2025 

The world-famous International Beauty Show in New York City is a must-attend event for anyone in the beauty industry.  

What sets the International Beauty Show apart is its in-depth approach to beauty, which encompasses every aspect of the industry, such as haircare, skincare, makeup, nails, and wellness.  

Every year, this show attracts top industry professionals, including stylists, estheticians, makeup artists, and salon owners, offering them the chance to discover the latest products and techniques in an ever-changing and growing industry.  

The International Beauty Show’s uniqueness lies in its combination of demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and seminars led by industry icons. 

Simply put, this must be on your list if you’re in the beauty industry. 

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Where: Javits Convention Center 

When: April 1 – 3 2025 

INTERPHEX, otherwise known as the International Pharmaceutical Expo, is the world’s leading global pharmaceutical and biotechnology event.  

This event sticks out for its comprehensive, informative showcase of the latest advancements in drug manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. 

The event’s focus on practical, real-world solutions makes it a critical hub for professionals seeking to stay ahead in the highly regulated and rapidly evolving pharmaceutical landscape. 

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7. Boutique Design New York 

Where: Javits Convention Center 

When: November 10 – 11 

Boutique Design New York is a leading trade show serving the hospitality design industry. 

This hospitality-centric event stands out for its exclusive focus on boutique and lifestyle hotels. It provides a unique setting where interior designers, architects, purchasing agents, and hotel owners come together to explore the latest trends in a much-needed industry.  

Boutique Design New York emphasizes experiential design, with immersive installations, design challenges, and boutique spaces that allow attendees to engage with industry concepts in a tangible, interactive manner.  

This event is essential for professionals looking to stay ahead in the dynamic world of hotel design. 

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6. Great New York Dental Meeting  

Where: Javits Convention Center 

When: December 1 – 6 2024 

The Greater New York Dental Meeting is one of the world’s most comprehensive dental shows and events. It attracts dental professionals from around the globe and showcases the latest innovations in dental technology and products.  

Unlike other trade shows, the Great New York Dental Meeting stands out due to its extensive educational program, featuring over 350 seminars, hands-on workshops, and live demonstrations led by world-renowned experts.  

As you can imagine, this show is particularly noted for its commitment to advancing dental education through a diverse array of topics and formats, catering to the evolving needs of the dental community. 

If you’re in the business of teeth, there is no better conference in the world.  

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5. National Retail Federation- Retail’s BIG Show 

Where: Javits Convention Center 

When: January 12 – 14 2025 

The National Retail Federation Retail’s BIG Show is an annual retail event known for its expansive scale, influential speakers, and highlighting of new industry innovations. 

This event attracts thousands of retail professionals from around the world, including top executives, industry experts, and innovative startups, to discuss the wild world of retail.  

There’s no denying that this pivotal event is mainly focused on staying ahead of a rapidly evolving retail sector.  

The sheer diversity of potential clients and its emphasis on thought leadership and real-world situations make National Retail Federation Retail’s BIG Show an invaluable experience for retail professionals. 

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4. Medical Design and Manufacturing  

Where: Javits Convention Center 

When: June 10 – 12 2025 

This trade show specializes in and focuses on the medical device industry. 

Medical Design and Manufacturing brings together engineers, business leaders, and medical decision-makers to explore the advancements in medical technology.  

Unlike other medical trade shows, Medical Design and Manufacturing events are uniquely tailored to address the stringent regulatory standards and complex challenges specific to medical device design and manufacturing. 

It’s a complicated industry but an event everyone needs to check out. 

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3. Toy Fair New York 

Where: Javits Convention Center 

When: March 1 – March 4, 2025 

Toy Fair New York is the best event in the toy industry, showcasing the latest trends and unique products from leading toy manufacturers and even some up-and-coming companies.  

The Toy Fair offers a uniquely cool opportunity to explore thousands of new toys and games before they are released to the general public.  

With its vibrant atmosphere and comprehensive fun displays, the Toy Fair is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the toy industry. This event offers unparalleled access to new products with the obvious goal of creating business opportunities. 

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2. Summer Fancy Food Show  

Where: Javits Convention Center 

When: June 23 – 25 2024 

Summer Fancy Food Show is North America’s largest specialty food industry event.  

This vibrant and fun trade show event attracts thousands of exhibitors and buyers from around the world, all to showcase a diverse array of high-quality food and beverages. 

The event features food educational seminars, cooking demonstrations by world-famous chefs, and exclusive tastings.  

With all these attributes, the Summer Fancy Food Show is a must-attend for food professionals, culinary enthusiasts, and anyone looking to stay at the forefront of the specialty food market. 

Plus, don’t you love the name of this incredibly important food-centric event? 

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1. NY NOW- New York International Gift Fair 

Where: Javits Convention Center 

When: August 4 – 7 2024 

The NY NOW, otherwise known as the New York International Gift Fair, takes our top spot on our list of the top ten trade shows in New York.  

This is a wholesale event that takes place twice a year. Its main objective is to showcase a unique range of products in many different categories, such as home decor, gifts, accessories, and artisanal items. 

This trade show is a must-attend for retailers, designers, and buyers seeking the latest unique products and designs from established brands and emerging artisans.  

This creative trade show event is a must-attend for anyone in the competitive retail and design market.  

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There you have it! The Top 10 Trade Shows in New York.  

Something you should consider while you gear up for a journey of New York trade shows is whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, each New York trade show offers a unique glimpse into the future. It should go without saying that the excitement is all wrapped in the energy and excitement that only New York can deliver.  

So we highly suggest that you mark your calendars and get ready to dive into the heart of New York innovation where every corner holds the promise of discovery and every handshake could be the start of your next big venture!

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