Farmhouse Fresh Video Streaming on QVC

During the pandemic, FarmHouse Fresh pivoted from trade shows to virtual selling and live streaming with the help of TTG.

Farmhouse Fresh Video Streaming on QVC

During the pandemic, FarmHouse Fresh pivoted from trade shows to virtual selling and live streaming with the help of TTG.

Traditionally, McKinney, Texas-based skincare company Farmhouse Fresh has relied on in-person sales at trade shows to connect with wholesale buyers who purchase products for thousands of spa brands across the country. In the spring of 2020, the pandemic put a hard stop on face-to-face marketing for Farmhouse Fresh, so the company needed to pivot and pivot fast. Fortunately, Farmhouse Fresh was given the opportunity to present its products live on the home shopping channel QVC.

However, in-person appearances at QVC had been put on hold due to the pandemic, so the Farmhouse Fresh team had to figure out the logistics and technological requirements needed for seamless video streaming, live from their McKinney farm.

According to Farmhouse Fresh co-founder Delia McLinden, “We have had a really interesting past year as most businesses have. Primarily in the past, we were a company that goes to trade shows, we do tons of trade shows—upward of 25 a year, so a lot of in-person selling and presenting of our products to potential wholesale accounts

“Well, that all stopped, so we had to find a way to really pivot and change up our business and find something that would work for the times we’re in. We had an opportunity to work with QVC, which was really interesting, and were able to build a set here at Farmhouse Fresh.

A 10-year trade show partnership led Farmhouse Fresh to The Trade Group

In business since 2005, Farmhouse Fresh manufactures farm to spa skincare products developed with extracts taken from fresh botanicals and vegetables grown right on the company’s North Texas farm. The farm also serves as home to the Farmhouse Fresh farm animal sanctuary, and every purchase of Farmhouse Fresh products goes toward helping to care for and save more animals.

For the past 10 years, Farmhouse Fresh has tapped The Trade Group to help support its trade show marketing efforts, including TTG’s custom trade show exhibit design and fabrication services. When the QVC opportunity came up, the company reached out to TTG Senior Design Consultant Robin Dean about video streaming services and technical support.

As Dean explains, “The client asked me for a recommendation for a videographer, and I was happy to say, ‘You’re in luck, we do that too!’ It was a service they hadn’t utilized before but it’s something The Trade Group handles all the time. When they needed to shift gears to live streaming, we were able to help.”

With a goal of self-sufficiency, The Trade Group prepared Farmhouse Fresh for live streaming success

Along with the initial onsite tech support of TTG’s videographer, Farmhouse Fresh also needed the tools, technology and training to handle its own live streaming. Since the QVC spots often come up on short notice, being self-sufficient was a necessity.

“To get the project rolling, we created a detailed prospectus for the client covering all of the equipment they would need to purchase for live video streaming. We also prepared a technical document that illustrates all of the steps the client’s internal team would need to take, once they were ready to fly solo,” Dean says.

TTG head videographer Chris Skupien handled McLinden’s initial QVC live streaming presentations and also provided technical support and training for the Farmhouse Fresh team. The client also required help with some fabrication work, as well as installation of the new onsite corporate studio, which TTG was happy to provide.

Along with returning to trade shows, virtual selling won’t go away after the pandemic for Farmhouse Fresh

like many successful companies, Farmhouse Fresh found a silver lining in what has been a very challenging year for most of us. Through the company’s partnership with QVC, Farmhouse Fresh has experienced a huge uptick in sales on its website, which McLinden believes is something the company wouldn’t have experienced had it not been forced to switch gears.

“I think the greatest thing we have learned as a company over the past six to nine months is being flexible and nimble. We’re doing things now that we never focused on in the past but we’re realizing we don’t want to go back to the old way of doing things necessarily. I hope we can go back to trade shows but we’re also going to be incorporating more of a virtual element to our business because we’ve found that is a very successful thing for us,” McLinden says.

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