Most sustainable trade show in the world

Making NBAA-BACE the Most Sustainable Trade Show in the World

NBAA’s most significant event of the year highlights aviation’s growing sustainability practices. In this piece, we cover sustainability tips for next year’s show.

ORLANDO, FL—October 20, 2022— The National Business Aviation Association wraps up its largest trade show of the year, BACE, or the Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. The focus on sustainability took center stage this year, with many exhibitors touting their commitment to Sustainable Aircraft Fuel (SAF) and exploring electrification and other options for cleaner energy.  

Sustainability is not a new topic in the aviation industry. As Carrie Ferenac explains in the opening of NBAA TV, “NBAA-BACE is all about the future of flight. But that future isn’t possible without NBAA’s commitment to sustainability.” Last year, NBAA encouraged 20% of exhibitors to pledge to NBAA’s sustainability pledge. The goal for the 2022 edition is to double that number.

Is the pressure to practice sustainability sustainable?  

Touted as the solution to a global environmental problem, sustainability is about limiting waste and harmful chemical emissions. The hard push for sustainability from the public, government officials, and media is putting pressure on many companies to produce greener solutions within their respective industries as quickly as they can manage. Meeting this challenge requires businesses and companies to partner together to find answers. 

NBAA and the aviation industry are making a sincere attempt to go green. Carrie Ferenac says, “But it’s not just the business aviation industry that’s striving for sustainability… NBAA has the goal to make NBAA-BACE the most sustainable trade show in the world.” This year’s show included many panel discussions and educational sessions to foster industry-wide conversation on the issue.  

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Many thought leaders recognize the tough reality of the challenge producing clean energy presents. However, most are optimistic that working together is the clearest path forward. Marc Allen, Chief Strategy Officer of Boeing, speaking with NBAA TV, “We have to be on the same page because these won’t be progress points made by a single company.”

How to practice sustainability at NBAA-BACE 2023 in Las Vegas 

When it comes to trade shows, it’s easy going green with The Trade Group. Here are a few things to consider when planning next year’s exhibit strategy for NBAA-BACE 2023 in Las Vegas.  

Use recyclable fabric for your exhibit graphics 

The highest quality fabric is made of polyester. It’s used for anything from table covers, banners, flags, booth graphics, and tension frame systems. It’s popular because it resists wrinkles, is machine washable and is flame resistant. 

Polyester is plastic, which is recyclable. You can find tips for finding locations to recycle textiles here. Some clothing manufacturers have polyester recycling drop-offs in certain stores.

Repurpose your exhibit frame 

Every exhibit has a lifespan. Sometimes it needs to be updated to fit current branding; other times, the wear and tear make it unpresentable. The good news is that behind the public-facing glitz and glamor, exhibit frames are built with recyclable materials such as PVC piping and aluminum.  

However, instead of scraping the exhibit entirely, you can contact an exhibit house with design capabilities to rework the booth’s essential elements. This option might be the most energy and cost-effective approach.  

Don’t throw old electronics away 

No show floor is complete without an ocean of touchscreens, monitors, and hundreds of other gadgets. Most of these are made with valuable materials, such as metals, plastics, and glass, that can be repurposed. However, electronics are not something that can be dropped off in a green bin.  

There are creative ways to repurpose these materials that don’t involve recycling. Check out AMD’s logo design The Trade Group created with old computer hardware parts.  


If you need a strategic partner to help with your sustainability efforts and trade show marketing program, The Trade Group is here to help. We design and build award-winning exhibits for the nation’s biggest brands and B2B companies. Get in touch with a design expert below.  

The Trade Group is a full-service trade show and event marketing company. We will work with you to create an exhibit for one of the most sustainable trade show in the world. Contact us here or give us a call at 972-734-8585. 

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