SLAS 2024 Dates

SLAS 2024 Dates

Join the global life science and technology community on a five-day event discovering the latest scientific advancements.
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BOSTON, MA – The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) International Conference & Exhibition will be showcasing at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Botson, MA. The official dates are February 3rd – 7th, 2024.

SLAS is an international, non-profit professional community comprised of scientists from academia, government, and industry, collectively dedicated to harnessing the power of technology for scientific pursuits. Their primary mission is to unite brilliant minds in life sciences and technology to drive transformative research.

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This event fosters scientific innovation through collaborative sessions, education, and a thumping exhibit hall. The SLAS Conference offers technology providers the opportunity to share their latest services, products, and scientific content to an audience of researchers, engineers, and technology professionals from around the world. 

The 2023 SLAS edition featured over 100 exhibitors and 1000+ registrants from 28 countries worldwide. The event was held in San Diego, CA, where they also had 119 speakers spreading knowledge about the industry’s latest laboratory innovation technology.

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