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The Newest Exhibit Trends for NY Vet 2023

The New York Vet show is the leading veterinary trade show that offers professionals and business owners a chance to connect through a dynamic show floor and expand their expertise with RACE-approved continuing education courses.

What is the Vet Show?  

The Vet Show’s first event was held in London, England in 2009. Organized by CloserStill Media, The Vet Show is an award-winning event that gives veterinary professionals a platform to speak on the industry’s most important topics and issues.  

NY Vet

The show prides itself on providing RACE-approved continuing education courses and organic networking opportunities in destination locations. For several years, the Vet Show took place in big cities across Europe, including  

  • Barcelona 
  • Singapore  
  • Birmingham  

In 2016, the show came to the U.S. in New York City. Since then, there are four major Vet Shows held in the U.S. every year:  

  • Chicago 
  • Austin 
  • New York 
  • Reno 

The shows typically last for two days adjacent to the weekend, giving ample time for attendees to explore their surroundings before or after the show.  

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But the Vet Show is not simply a TED Talk for vets. The event boasts dynamic networking opportunities with an intense expo floor. And to top it off, it’s an affordable show to attend!  

Who Attends NY Vet?  

If you’re exhibiting at NY Vet, you’re going to need to know who else is attending. Will your target audience be there? How many of your target audience will be there?  

According to the “Why Exhibit” section on their website, the Vet Show averages roughly 8,500+ attendees and 800+ exhibitors.

The kind of attendees going to The Vet show include 

  • Veterinarians 
  • Veterinary technicians 
  • Veterinary assistants  
  • Practice owners  
  • Hospital managers 

If you provide products or services to any of these groups, you could possibly have hundreds of your ideal buyers at the show.  

The Vet Show ensures there is steady traffic by strategically placing their educational theatres throughout the expo floor. You can request to view their show floor plan, but before you do, you may want to check our blog on how to select the perfect booth location first.  

When is the New York Vet Show?  

This year’s New York edition of the Vet Show will be held in the Javits Center, New York City on November 8 – 9, 2023.

Other timeframes to keep in mind: 

If you want to have a maximum impact on your return on investment, sign up for early-bird discounts and start marketing to your audience 3 months before the show.  

The newest exhibit trends for NY Vet 

If you’ve established that your target audience is going to be at the show, the question remains: what is the most effective way of reaching them?  

That’s where knowing the newest exhibit trends can help you make the right call. Here’s a list of the newest exhibit trends for NY Vet below.  

1. Demos and product displays are a high priority 

What’s been limited over the last two years in marketing is the face-to-face element. The two biggest reasons people attend shows is to discover new products and learn about the industry.

Live demonstrations and showcasing products in real time are hallmarks of trade shows. Now that attendance is on the rise, many businesses are increasing the amount of space devoted to demoing their business.  

For that reason, you can go to the show with the expectation of attendees wanting to touch, see and feel what you have to offer. This trend is true for every industry trade show today. For example, in recent aerospace & defense trade shows, massive space is made to show case large, manufactured parts for planes.  

2. Health and safety  

The last two years taught us a lot about health and safety for events. This exhibit trend is going nowhere. Because of the increase demo space and emphasis on touching and experiencing products, having a hand sanitizer dispenser at your booth is a welcome sight to many attendees.  

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This trend has launched other trends, like contactless business card companies like Tappy. This kind of marketing tech not only prevents unwanted physical contact but also helps the planet by limiting the amount of paper being printed.  

3. Experiential marketing is invading traditional trade shows 

Experiential marketing is a strategy that turns passive consumers into active participants with your brand. The net results are higher retention rates, increased customer loyalty and raising brand awareness.  

Using experiential elements at a trade show doesn’t have to be complicated. Don’t think you have to be like Red Bull and put on a pet race to market your brand. At trade shows, as in most places, technology is an incredibly useful tool for giving prospects memorable experiences.  

4. Custom exhibits require longer lead-time 

Custom exhibits are known for making an immediate impression on the show floor. However, if you’re wanting to build one to guarantee a high impact for the event, contacting a reputable exhibit house should be a top priority.  

Almost every trade show display company is experiencing labor and material shortages on some level. Thankfully, almost everything The Trade Group builds is constructed in-house, helping us to control the entirety of the exhibition process, saving you time and money.  

And that sums it up for the newest exhibit trends for NY Vet! If you want more direction to help you with your show, check out our resource section.  

Let’s brainstorm a plan for your next event

As you can see, NY Vet provides plenty of opportunities for exhibitors. Discover more about how to apply the newest exhibit trends for NY Vet 2022 and other upcoming trade shows by using our trade show search tool.  

Increase your return on investment and bring in more leads at NY Vet by contacting us or calling The Trade Group at 972-734-8585. We’ll create a design proposal that will help you raise brand awareness and attract buyers. 

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